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Let’s face it, you have enough deadlines to meet without having to worry about gaps in your HR projects and processes. HR Service, Inc. manages your HR projects effectively to give you time to manage the many other business demands on your time. 

We carefully select an HR expert from our skilled Human Resource professionals, partnering you with the person most specialized in the areas where you need assistance most. Our staff has more than 20 years of HR experience to ensure the highest service levels for our clients. Our HR consultants will do the heavy lifting for you, so you can focus on your business growth.

HR Consulting Customized to Your Needs

Performance Management for Employee Growth

Performance management is the process you and your management team use to review and improve employee performance. This process is a chance to set individual and team goals that align with your overall company goals, so everyone is working for the same results. Our HR experts will work with your management team, providing the resources, coaching, and counseling they need to effectively lead their teams to success. We will help your management team create a culture conducive to higher productivity and fewer performance issues and concerns.
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Customizable Handbooks

Ensure your employee handbook communicates mission, policies, and expectations based on your company’s needs. Provide everything employees need to clarify their rights and responsibilities as part of your company culture. Our HR consultants will help you determine policies and procedures to include in your customized handbook to keep employees aligned with your company goals and growth.

Competitive Compensation Plans

Are you looking for outstanding talent to join your company? If so, it’s important to have a compensation plan in place that is attractive to potential candidates. Compensation programs allow for consistent budgeting and planning so you are ready to meet changing needs. Work with one of our HR advisors to complete a compensation analysis so you can compare your compensation plans to the market and determine needed changes to attract top talent.
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Train to Meet Your Skill Needs

Our HR professionals can provide pre-recorded or customized training options based on your training needs. Whether you need training for combatting sexual harassment, communication, leadership skills, or any other pressing need, we can provide a recorded or live training option.

Create Positive Company Culture

Your company culture has a significant effect on productivity and growth. Culture also influences the talent you attract. If you are struggling to find or maintain the right culture for your company, we can work with you to provide the HR answers that help you put processes in place so you can define and develop a culture that meets your needs.

Get Real Answers to Understand Employee Needs

Surveying your employees demonstrates management’s willingness to listen and make positive changes aimed at the needs of your staff. Surveys allow you to better understand any concerns and changes needed to improve your workplace. HR Service, Inc will help you develop and distribute employee surveys so you can get the answers you need.
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Create an HR Infrastructure that Grows with You

Your HR infrastructure consists of the policies and procedures that help your company maintain order and productivity as you grow and shift to market needs. You want to put procedures in place that will help you reach future goals and that will grow with you. Our HR experts provide you with effective HR resources and tools to guide your current and future practices, resulting in efficient compliance, productive people management, and manageable growth. We create work processes to guide any HR needs.
HR Infrastructure


When you partner with our HR professionals, we concentrate on the HR answers that decrease your worry, providing the resources needed to achieve your HR goals and pay attention to growing your business. This lets you focus on your company and continue business as usual while allowing your current team to better utilize their talents. 

Our HR consulting services address your most pressing HR planning needs:

  • employee relations
  • employee and management training
  • policy development
  • I-9 audits and compliance
  • HR strategic planning
  • benefit analysis
  • HR assessments and audits 
  • safety administration
  • leader support
  • termination or corrective action assistance
  • handbook design
  • assigned HR professional support for any HR, compliance, or employment law concerns
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