Performance Management - What is it?

We help you execute your business strategy, breaking down responsibility, accountability, and results to departments, job functions, and individuals. This system is most effective when combined with the appraisal, rewards, and compensation system. We show you how to make this a reality.

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When Performance Matters

  • Defines company objectives broken-out by the department and then to the individual.
  • Create a total performance management system that helps execute the business strategy for the entire company, by the department, by job title, and by the individual supported by compensation, rewards, appraisals, and reinforcement.
  • More than a management system. It’s total company performance broken down to the individual level supported by other people management programs, with feedback loops, documentation, and communication systems.
  • Includes performance expectations and how they will be measured by the department, by job title, and by an individual.
  • Provides aligned, desired performance results, objectives, and behaviors with business strategy, compensation, rewards, appraisals, and accountability systems.
  • Performance expectations communicated and measurement system to employees while documenting performance regularly.
  • Define corrective action guidelines to improve performance and employee engagement.

5 Steps to Performance Management

Performance Dashboard

Once KPIs are in place, we help you setup a tracking system to monitor results in all areas of your business. 

Employee Confrontation and Feedback

Critical to your success is addressing low performance areas resolving motivation and ability problems and being open and candid with feedback where needed.  We help you develop confrontation and feedback skills that don’t cause defensiveness, gaining improved productivity and employee engagement.  In some instances, corrective action, training, transfers or termination may be needed.

Define Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) for the business, teams and individuals

We help you determine important business measurements, desired team results and KPIs by individual.  Everyone has a number.

Review, Revise & Repeat

With your performance management system in place, we help you understand how to create a culture of continuous improvement always reviewing, revamping and making incremental improvements that help your business grow and teams to thrive.

How well do you really know your business?

We help you clearly define who you are, where you are going and how you will get there clearly creating mission, vision and values.

Customer Review from AG Parts Manufacturing

HR Service, Inc. for us means increased business performance. Matching our ambitions to implement the most effective management practices with Ken’s skills, mindset, and abilities has helped us attain our goals. We hire the right people – faster. Once they are here, Ken helps everyone within the organization to see a clear connection between what they do and the success of the company. We list HR Services as part of our competitive advantage. Brook Langston – President, AgParts Manufacturing

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