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Recruiting Top Talent with HR Service, Inc.

We have 16 years of experience in HR Recruiting.

HR shouldn’t be hard, so we made it simple so that you have more time to do the things you love.

Recruiting is the first step in building an organization’s human capital. At a high level, the goals are to locate and hire the best candidates, on time, and on budget.

Human Resource Management, otherwise known as HRM, is the function of people management within an organization. HR is responsible for facilitating the overall goals of the organization through effective administration of human capital — focusing on employees as the company's most important asset, their people. HR Service has certified recruiting professionals who help you find only the best talent available.

Recruiting service features

Professional Staff

Our professional recruiters find the top candidates for any executive, licensed, or hourly position. We do the recruiting for you, providing you with the best candidates. We guarantee it. Our staff of highly trained recruiters is skilled in recruiting, networking, and selecting candidates that fit your hiring criteria and organizational needs.


We will contact the gainfully employed individuals from targeted organizations, and other places that are hard for you to reach on your own.
We recruit for both hourly and salary positions. There is a 30-day replacement guarantee if your employee doesn’t work out for any reason.


Job descriptions for all positions within your company Job titles that make sense and fit with the market Job titles, department, reporting supervisor, exemption status, and more Job summary or purpose of the job Tasks, duties, and responsibilities Person characteristics: Knowledge, skills, abilities, education requirements and experience

Because in a disrupted world, we need something different.

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