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Why You Need an HR Professional  

Recruiting is the first step in building an organization’s human capital. At a high level, the goals are locating and hiring the best candidates on time and within budget. We know how important finding exceptional talent, and hard it can be. Our recruiting team has decades of professional recruiting experience within all industries, and we always find you the best candidate possible.

Recruiting shouldn’t be complex, so we made it simple to have more time to do the things you love. Our professional recruiters find the top talent for any executive, experienced or hourly position. Then, we do the recruiting for you, providing you with the best candidates. 

Our Recruiting Process


To find the right person for the job, we include job descriptions for all positions within your company and create job titles that make sense and fit within the market—reporting supervisor, exemption status, job summary or purpose of the job, responsibilities, etc. We ensure the candidate has the personal characteristics: knowledge, skills, abilities, education requirements and experience you require.

Professional Recruiters

Our professional recruiters find the top candidates for any executive, licensed, or hourly position. Then, we do the recruiting for you, providing you with the best candidates. Our staff of highly trained recruiters is skilled in recruiting, networking, and selecting candidates that fit your hiring criteria and organizational needs best.

Replacement Guarantee

We will contact the gainfully employed candidates from targeted organizations and other companies that are hard for you to reach on your own. We recruit both hourly and salary positions. There is a 30-day replacement guarantee if your employee doesn’t work out for any reason.

Job Descriptions

This service provides job descriptions for every position under your direction. Employees who perform the job review the draft and submit it to their reporting supervisor to make any needed adjustments. The result is a natural, compelling job description and a valuable employment tool.


Job descriptions for all positions within your company. Job titles that make sense and fit with the market. Job titles, department, reporting supervisor, exemption status, and more. Job summary or purpose of the job. Tasks, duties, and responsibilities. Personal characteristics include knowledge, skills, abilities, education requirements and experience.

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We Approach Interviewing with the Following Action Steps:

Define Criteria

The best place to start for any job search or selection process is to define your hiring criteria clearly. Look at others who do the job well and ask, "What is it about them that makes them successful? What education, certificates, or degrees are needed, if any? What type and level of job experience do they need, and how many years of experience are needed? What is the right pay range for this position to attract and retain the ideal candidate?"


Ask the right questions for the position and ensure you stay within legal boundaries.

Job Analysis

Proper job analysis and clearly defined job descriptions are valuable tools to help in this process. The job description, at a minimum, should contain a job purpose summary, essential duties and responsibilities, qualifications, and competencies. Also, you should clearly define non-negotiables and the critical job requirements everyone in this position must meet to be a trustworthy candidate. For example, non-negotiables may include the ability to lift 50 lbs. Regularly stand for long periods, work unusual shifts, work overtime, travel requirements, etc.


Next, determine the critical factors needed to succeed in the job, such as knowledge, skills, abilities, and personality traits. Hiring the right candidate fits the situation, company culture, team, and manager. Defining the personality needed to do the job and work environment best is critical.

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