Affordable Care Act Reporting - are you prepared?

After the approval of the Affordable Care Act (ACA), the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) updated the code to include sections 6055 and 6056, both outline the protocol of reporting ACA compliance. You are required to have your reporting completed by specific dates. If you do not do this on time, you may incur severe penalties.

At HR Service, Inc., we take away the hassle and do the reporting for you. We are experts in human resource issues, employee benefits, and ACA reporting services, and we specialize in the preparation and electronic filing of IRS forms.

Convenience, Reliability, and Security

When it comes to ACA compliance, specifically ACA reporting, we believe it is all about comfort, reliability, and security. We understand that without some form of automated tracking, employers will have a hard time meeting simple filing guidelines.

With our service, we ensure that codes are valid, and the forms completed right the first time. We make sure you meet ACA requirements and avoid penalties, and we make the entire process simple and easy.

Hassle-Free ACA Reporting

Reporting is extraordinarily complex and often requires extensive knowledge of employee benefits. If you wish to remain compliant with the Affordable Care Act, you will need to know the ins and outs of employee benefits, as well as forms 1095-B and 1095-C. But with HR Service, Inc., ACA reporting is hassle-free. 

All you need to do is work with your assigned ACA Expert who will ask for necessary information, then complete the reporting for you. You have the option to either mail forms yourself or to have us take care of it.

ACA compliance is essential to avoid costly fines. Contact HR Service Inc. today for full ACA reporting services.

We are committed to ACA compliance standards and keeping up to date with all laws - never worry about missing a deadline again!

Many clients are receiving letters from the IRS for 2016 ACA Reporting, similar to what happened last year around this time for Letters 226-J for 2015. These letters are the notice from the IRS with the proposed penalty amount calculated for that company based on their 2016 filing year.

In many instances, the estimated fines based upon a missed checked box or something simple. Other times they are triggered by employees applying for a subsidy when an employer is stating it insurance was offered. 

ACA Reporting

Keep in mind that ACA Reports are due soon. Anyone who wants help completing these reports needs to secure assistance as we, and other providers, are filling up fast.

HR Service, Inc. can still fit in clients who would like us to complete the reports on their behalf but need them to sign up ASAP to guarantee deadlines met.

Remember, any employer who was an Applicable Large Employer (ALE) during 2017, must complete forms 1095 and 1094-C for 2018. Self-funded plans with less than 50 employees, must complete forms 1095 and 1094-B.

sample letter irs 226-J
ACA Fee Structure

Starting at $350 for companies with 25 or fewer employees

Starting at $1600 for companies with 50 or more employees

  • We determine 1 & 2 series codes
  • We create required 1095-C/B & 1094-C/B documents
  • One-on-One Personalized Assistance
  • Reporting Made Simple
  • Optional Mailing and E-Filing with the IRS
  • Fully Compliant Reporting Solutions
Our ACA service includes the following solutions:
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Client Testimony regarding our ACA Services

HR Service has been a key partner for us in delivering compliance resources and support to our employee benefit clients across the US.  As a broker for many years, we’ve worked with countless vendors and attorneys on compliance issues, specifically the ACA, and our experience with HR Service and our account manager Holly has been far and away the best service we’ve had in the health and welfare arena.  Their detailed responses, willingness to talk through tough issues with our clients and flexibility with responding to our needs blows away the competition and not to mention their competitive pricing and ease of access to their platform and support team.  They make our firm more profitable by leveraging their tools and allowing us to deliver better service, all while freeing us up to focus on sales and other opportunities.  Specifically, we’ve had the best service team and Holly has become our go-to for all of our ACA reporting and compliance needs.  I can’t express enough how enjoyable she is to work with and how grateful we are that we’ve been able to work together and will continue to do so.

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Tiffany Finnegan - Director

Full Spectrum Benefits

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