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Reporting is extraordinarily complex and often requires extensive knowledge of employee benefits and the Affordable Care Act.  You need to know the ins and outs of forms 1095-B and 1095-C.  But with HR Service, Inc., ACA reporting is hassle-free. 

All you need to do is work with your assigned ACA Expert who will ask for necessary information, then complete the reporting for you. You have the option to either mail forms yourself or to have us take care of it.

Many clients are receiving letters from the IRS for 2016 ACA Reporting, similar to what happened last year around this time for Letters 226-J for 2015. These letters are the notice from the IRS with the proposed penalty amount calculated for that company based on their past filing year.

In many instances, the estimated fines based upon a missed checked box or something simple. Other times they are triggered by employees applying for a subsidy when an employer is stating it insurance was offered. 


The critical 2020 filing deadlines for 2019 coverage January 31st. Paper filing with the IRS is February 28 and Electronic filing with IRS is March 31st. As in the past, the IRS has extended the Jan. 31 deadlines by 30 days , in Notice 2019-63. Although the IRS has extended the Jan. 31 deadlines to furnish ACA reporting forms to employees by 30 days, employers may still decide to distribute 1095 forms to employees in January along with employees' W-2 earnings statements. "The IRS will not grant an additional 30-day extension beyond this deadline,". Although the IRS has extended the Jan. 31 deadlines to furnish ACA reporting forms to employees by 30 days, employers may still decide to distribute 1095 forms to employees in January along with employees' W-2 earnings statements. "The IRS will not grant an additional 30-day extension beyond this deadline." Reporting entities may, however, request individual extensions to file these forms with the IRS. Even with the automatic extension for distributing forms, "the IRS specifically encouraged employers and other coverage providers to send the forms to employees and individuals as soon as possible."


Determine ALE status for 2019 based on 2018 data. Identify full-time employees based on the ACA's definition of full time (averaging 30 hours of work or more per week during a month), considering special classifications such as staffing employees, independent contractors, temporary or short-term employees, and even interns. Assess whether the monthly measurement method or look-back measurement method to determine full-time status is best, based on the nature of the company's workforce. Update plan documents and summary plan descriptions, if necessary, for the measurement method selected. Select the appropriate safe harbor the company will use for the affordability calculation: W-2, rate of pay, or federal poverty line. Make sure Social Security number request obligations are being fulfilled. Check reporting obligations for non-ALEs that self-insured group health plans. Review the instructions for required forms, noting changes from prior years.

What Determines an ALE - Applicable Large Employer?

If an employer has at least 50 full-time employees, including full-time equivalent employees, on average during the prior year, the employer is an ALE for the current calendar year. However, an employee will not be counted toward the 50-employee threshold for a month in which the employee has medical care through the military, including Tricare or Veterans’ coverage. After the approval of the Affordable Care Act (ACA), the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) updated the code to include sections 6055 and 6056, both outline the protocol of reporting ACA compliance. You are required to have your reporting completed by specific dates. If you do not do this on time, you may incur severe penalties.

How to Determine if you are an ALE?

We have an ALE Calculator available that you can download at no cost. Just click below.

ACA Reporting made Convenient.

We offer Convenience, Reliability, and Security with our ACA Reporting service. When it comes to ACA compliance and reporting, most employers don’t like having to keep up with the many changes, determine codes, and the hassles of completing the reports. HR Service, Inc. makes this easy for you by requesting the needed information, determining if you meet affordability requirements, filling out the forms and mailing or submitting them online to the IRS.

What Makes Us Different?

With our service, we ensure that codes are valid, and the forms completed right the first time. We make sure you meet ACA requirements and avoid penalties, and we make the entire process simple and easy to avoid costly fines. Our ACA Experts provide personal touch service answering questions and handling the hard stuff so you don’t have to. Contact HR Service Inc. today for full ACA reporting services at (833) 685-8400 x 1 or Solutions@hrserviceinc.com.

White Glove Service

At HR Service, Inc., we take away the hassle and do the reporting for you. We are experts in human resource issues, employee benefits, and ACA reporting services, and we specialize in the preparation and electronic filing of IRS forms.

2020 ACA Penalties

Employers can expect higher penalties for ACA violations,  for being late, misfilings, and not properly providing coverage.  The IRS has begun “aggressive enforcement of the ACA,” sending out Letter 226J penalty notices for noncompliance with the employer’s shared responsibility payment provision.

The Department of Health and Human Services issued the 2020 Notice of Benefit and Payment Parameters final rule in April 2019, and based on the inflation-adjustment factor in the final rule, compliance advisers project that the ACA 2020 penalty amounts, adjusted annually from the initial penalties set in 2014, will be as follows:

Section 4980H(a) penalty is expected to increase from $2,320 per employee to $2,500 per employee. This penalty is imposed on employers who fail to offer full-time employees and their dependent children the opportunity to enroll in minimum essential coverage sponsored by the employer if at least one full-time employee obtains a premium tax credit for insurance purchased through an ACA marketplace exchange.
The Section 4980H(b) penalty is expected to increase from $3,480 per employee to $3,750 per employee. This penalty is imposed on employers whose plan fails to meet the affordability and minimum value requirements.

Other ACA penalties, including failure to file Form 1095 with the IRS and failure-to-furnish forms to employees, are expected to increase from $260 to $270 per return.


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HR Service has been a key partner in delivering compliance resources and support to our employee benefit clients across the US.  As a broker for many years, we’ve worked with countless vendors and attorneys on compliance issues, specifically the ACA, and our experience with HR Service and our account manager Holly has been far and away from the best service we’ve had in the health and welfare arena.  Their detailed responses, willingness to talk through tough issues with our clients, and flexibility in responding to our needs blow away the competition and not mention their competitive pricing and ease of access to their platform and support team.  They make our firm more profitable by leveraging their tools and delivering better service, all while freeing us up to focus on sales and other opportunities.  Specifically, we’ve had the best service team, and Holly has become our go-to for all of our ACA reporting and compliance needs.  I can’t express enough how enjoyable she is to work with and how grateful we are that we’ve been able to work together and will continue to do so.
Tiffany Finnegan - Director
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