Employee Opinion Surveys

Employee Opinion Surveys and why you need them

Employee Opinion surveys are an integral part of improving your work culture. They allow you to make the necessary changes and improvements needed to promote positive opinions of the organization. The act of surveying your employees demonstrates management’s willingness to make positive changes aimed at the needs of your staff. The surveys combined with a desire to improve on behalf of management promote a positive, healthy culture.

There are several types of employee surveys one might consider such as employee satisfaction and exit surveys. Both types of surveys provide valuable feedback from the employee which helps you build a stronger team and lucrative culture.

Get the opinion & truth from employees who are supporting your business

Employee Opinion Surveys

The Opinion Survey Process

We help evaluate your existing work environment, employment practices and assess employee opinions in critical areas. We also help facilitate moral challenges and help you implement solutions to create a positive, productive work environment. The work environment, how you deal with employees, and their perceptions significantly impact overall business results, employee performance, effectiveness, morale, and turnover.

  • Review employee problems, challenges, concerns, and opportunities for improvement with recommended solutions to address them.
  • Opinions assessment. They facilitate employee task force defining root causes to problems and obtaining their involvement in solving challenges if desired.
  • Reports run for benefits, management, training, recognition, communications, teamwork, work environment, job, and other essential topics.
  • Recommendations for employee relations improvement and best practices.
  • We will evaluate your existing work environment, employment practices and assess employee opinions in critical areas.  
  • Next, we devise a plan of action of which we teach you how to implement productively.  
  • Finally, we will help facilitate moral challenges and help you implement solutions to create a positive, productive work environment.  

Knowing this, how you treat your employees and their perception significantly impact overall business results, employee performance, effectiveness, morale, and turnover.

Value Added Service

In addition to the information generated from an employee survey, some organizations also choose to initiate strategic conversations with employees to explore critical issues in more depth. The hidden power of these conversations lies in the fact that they are not about data but dialogue, and they tend to make employees feel valued. All employees need to understand that their employers will treat their opinions with dignity and respect.

To yield the most insightful responses, employers using this approach ask such questions as:

  • What does it take to be successful here?
  • If there is one roadblock between the organization’s ideal culture and its way, what is it?
  • Which of the corporate values speaks to you the most?
  • Tell me about a time when you were incredibly proud to be associated with this organization. 

src: SHRM

Testimonial about HR Service

I just wanted to take a min to tell you how much HR Service and our provided HR Business Coach, Deborah who has helped me since they were blessed into my life. Deborah has been AMAZING!! Any problem I have thrown her way she has been able to help me with. She has helped us implement and updated our employee handbook. Helped us to make sure we are compliant with changes to payroll. Helped with questions concerning employees. And any other need I have come to her with she has always been awesome. My favorite thing to tell Deborah is to “make me/it sound less hillbilly.”

Typing up some sort of compliance paper or something for our employees to read is not my specialty, but Deborah has helped me immensely on this. I love knowing that if I don’t know the answer to a question an employee or my boss has. I have someone and somewhere to go to get the answer. Having HR services and Deborah is peace of mind for me. Thank you for all of your hard work and help!!!

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