Connecting With Our HR Partners

We combine forces with brokers, general agents, PEOs, payroll services and other HR partners to provide quality HR services to your clients.

A Toolkit Full of HR Management Options

Are you hoping to attract and retain new business clients? Add value to the options you offer. With our help, you can assure your clients that they will maintain compliance with ERISA and other benefit laws. We keep you informed, answer questions and help your clients – which makes you look like the hero.



A simple interface allows you to create your service agreements and more in seconds.



Create client service agreements quickly and manage them all in one place. *Note: Brokers can pay for eSolutions, Help Desk, etc or provide a partner key that allows their clients to access services for a discount.

What Comes with the Partnership?

  • Access client forms
  • Track client process with completing needed documents
  • Create custom reports
  • Access training and other resources to help with maintaining compliance
  • Upload and manage documents for clients
  • Manage lists of insurance carriers
  • Generate compensation disclosures
  • Create client service agreements easily
  • Use the compliance assessment prospecting tool to win new business

No Need To Carry the Burden Alone

Some companies face the challenge of losing their clients to competitors offering additional HR services. A strategic partnership with HR Service, Inc. differentiates you from the rest.

We offer you our HR services, our expertise in ERISA compliance and a team well-versed in employment laws. With our valuable insights, you will have the exceptional ability to attract and retain clients.

When we shoulder the compliance burden as your partner, you can focus on your clients’ needs. We’ll contribute our HR proficiency and provide a seamless experience. Together, we’ll build a symbiotic relationship that benefits everyone involved.

Is the HR Headache Worth Your Time?
Let’s Find a Better Way.

Reach Out to See What You Can Delegate

Give yourself more time – contact us today to see what possibilities we can provide to make your life a little easier and your business more efficient.

Streamline With State-of-the-Art Technology

We adjust our service packages to fit exactly what you need. We offer cloud-based solutions that create, manage, and deliver documentation. Simplify your processes with a little help.


Focus on Your Clients

When we take over the HR work for your clients, you have more time to focus on their needs. That’s what you do best!

for Any Size

“[HR Service, Inc.] is highly qualified and extremely professional in all they do! Amazing to work with.”

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What Can You Offer Your Clients?
Link Arms With an HR Professional!

When you collaborate with HR Service, Inc., you solidify your position as a one-stop provider for your clients. You get to focus on what you do best! Give your clients access to our HR services and you open the door for professional advice whenever they need it. The HR world is constantly changing. Are you keeping up with it?

A Flexible Resource to Suit All Needs

When 95% of our business stems from repeat clients, we know we’re on the right track. Our exceptional commitment and service quality sets us apart from any other competitor. With over two decades of experience in HR and employment law, we are at the forefront of an ever-changing landscape of HR complexity. We know our stuff!

Since we understand HR so well, we can tailor our services to meet each client’s needs. This well-rounded approach suits any business, any size. Whether we offer HR solutions as an outsourcing option or equip businesses with resources to manage their own HR, we build enduring relationships. Our partners and clients trust us to guide them as their business grows and thrives.

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A Partner You Can Trust

Imagine recommending an HR professional you wholeheartedly trust to your clients. We can be that dependable partner for you! Reach out today to explore how our collaboration can benefit you and your clients.

Are You Maintaining Compliance With Your Employees’ Benefits? No Need to Wait to Find Out.

HR Service Inc offers a benefit compliance assessment tool.

From employee notices and ACA Requirements to HIPAA and other regulations, this quick overview will give you a snapshot of where you stand. You can know, in just a few minutes, which areas might need some support. Download this FREE Compliance Assessment Prospecting Tool now.

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