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HR eSolutions gives you online HR management tools designed to help companies develop and manage their HR processes. This all-in-one HR compliance system provides everything you need to get HR answers so you can run your business efficiently.

Our automated system and easy-to-use platform simplify small business HR, helping you make smarter daily decisions with HR tools, templates, and guidance at your fingertips. It gives you the roadmap to manage your entire HR department easily and effectively.

Keep Up With Important Compliance Dates

With so many employment laws and regulations, keeping up with important HR compliance due dates is difficult. HR Service, Inc. has pulled all these dates together for you in our yearly Compliance Calendar. Stay in compliance and never miss an important date!

Complete a self-guided HR compliance assessment to help you receive a clear picture of where you currently stand. Your assessment gives you a risk score and a breakdown of areas that need improvement.

Each section of the assessment breaks down actions needed to improve compliance with a summary of the applicable employment laws and regulations.

Your company handbook is one of your most important HR management tools. With our online small business HR solutions, you can easily create and maintain your company handbook.

 Our handbook tool provides an easy-to-follow template that guides you through each step to develop and update your company policies and procedures. We make it easy to communicate important expectations, guide decisions, govern employment practices, and create a positive work environment.

The job description tool allows you to define clear job expectations to help you recruit and hire the best employees for your organization. Create customized job descriptions for every position at your company, highlighting important fields such as Job Purpose, Functions, Qualifications, and Key Performance Indicators (KPIs).

Manage job descriptions in one place to improve recruiting, hiring, and employee performance management.

Give employees a full picture of their salaries and benefits with a Total Compensation Statement. This tool provides a complete breakdown of your benefits package so employees understand the real value you provide.

Access monthly updates to HR compliance and HR management services with the legal library. Legal and HR updates are delivered to your email each month, or you can search through the full library of past updates available on the HR eSolutions platform.  

Simplify employee documentation with ready-for-you forms and templates. Whether you need training, a performance review guide, or an employee notification template, we have you covered. Find the guide you need to complete and manage all your HR documentation.

All Your HR Tools in One Place

HR eSolutions gives you all the HR management tools you need to operate your HR department with ease and accuracy. You have access to everything you need to manage your team from new hires to termination and everything in between.

Our HR management tools include templates and best practices for corrective action, COBRA, FMLA, payroll, benefits, safety, staffing, and more. Access leader guidelines on important people leadership functions, such as discharges, appraisals, interviews, etc. You will receive compliance guidance and the necessary resources to stay in line with regulatory standards.

Sometimes you need a little extra help with the big HR compliance decisions. Our HR experts are available to provide answers to your tricky questions. When you contact the HR Help Desk, you always get a live person; an HR professional coach who assists with any HR or employment law question or problems such as:

What is the best approach to handle employee terminations? Am I operating within the law on this concern? Which HR laws apply to me within my state? How do I respond to employee complaints?

Best of all, you only pay for the help you need. No need to worry about sign-up or annual fees. HR eSolutions clients can call or email for additional assistance, only paying per service call.

**This is an Add-On Solution

HR Service may be our company’s single most crucial outside vendor. Common sense does not always ‘win the day’ when dealing with HR rules and regulations, and having HR service at our fingertips for quick answers and guidance through various situations has been invaluable.

Additionally, I regularly refer to several of their monthly newsletters regarding such matters as overtime, interviewing guidelines for potential new hires, the building of compliant employee files, record retention guidelines, and much more. Thank you, HR Service!

Chris Clifford, Allied

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