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All in One HR Simple Solution


Supervisor and employee web-based training. Participate in training webinars receiving high-impacting people management techniques, leader tools and compliance tactics. Receive state-of-the-art human resources techniques and compliance guidance for any employee challenge.

Company Handbook

Easily create and maintain your handbook online, receiving updates. Receive an employee handbook template with up-to-date policy and procedure guidelines (updates included) that communicate important expectations, guide decisions, govern employment practices and create a positive work environment. Optional customization and handbook review available.

HR Tools

Everything needed to operate your HR Department with ease and accuracy. If we don’t have it, we will create it for you. Forms include New Hire; Termination; Corrective Action; COBRA; FMLA; Payroll; Benefits; Safety; Staffing, and more. Access leader guidelines on performing important people leadership functions, such as discharges, appraisals, interviews, etc. Receive compliance guidance and resources.

Document Storage Vault

Automatically store handbooks, notices, new hire paperwork, and any other documents you want delivered to employees. Easily distribute to employees requiring a signature, providing a system audit trail.

HR Compliance Assessment

Receive a clear picture of where you stand now with a risk score and actions needed to comply with all employment laws.

Individual Employee Notices

We provide you with all required employee/employer notifications.

Total Compensation Statement

The Compensation Statement allows you and your employee to understand the real value of employee benefits and salaries.

HR Legal Library

The legal library includes all current and past legal updates and new laws in a chronological method so you can search and find information quickly.

HR Help Desk


Only Pay for What You Use!

Always Get a Live Person who answers your call. An HR Professional Coach who provides assistance with any HR or employment law question or problems such as: Is termination the answer? What is the best approach to handle employee terminations? Am I operating within the law on this concern? Which HR laws apply to me within my state? Do I effectively communicate in stressful situations? How do I respond to employee complaints? Clients on the HR eSolutions service can call or email for assistance for $35 per call. Just let us know during your purchase that you would like to add to this solution.

**This is an Add-On Solution

Get Your 2022 Compliance Calendar


HR Service, Inc. 2022 Compliance Calendar. Stay in compliance and never miss an important date! Click the calendar to get your free download.

Client Testimony


Hi Ken, I cannot express enough how wonderful it is to work with Kim. She was an immediate contributor at a time when we desperately needed it. In just a few short weeks she has picked up on all of our HR processes and has seamlessly assumed the HR function at Innovative. We truly value her input and expertise. She has already become an extension of our team and has easily connected with our management team and staff. It has been a great match. We value our partnership and appreciate all of the support your entire team has offered. Thank you. Kindly, Eileen I second that! She has been a huge contributor. We have accomplished so much in a short time with her support. We also have been very impressed with the rest of your team. We really value our partnership! Terriann Procida, CEO

Eileen Green – Innovative Benefits Planning

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