Professional HR Outsourcing

Professional HR Outsourcing


In our ever-changing workforce environment, employers need help to navigate new concerns and issues. Professional HR outsourcing can help you identify gaps and problem areas in your HR, benefits compliance, and employment law processes. 

Are you unsure where to start to meet these changing needs? Access our HR Assessment to determine where your HR processes may be falling short.

Whether you run a startup company that has no HR management department, or you manage a small to medium-sized business that has overwhelmed the current HR staff, HR Service, Inc. can provide HR support you can trust.

We give you access to qualified and experienced HR professionals that provide solutions to meet your needs. 

Professional HR Outsourcing Projects

Professional HR outsourcing provides a dedicated HR consultant who will assist you with your highest HR priorities and frustrations. This includes HR projects or functions like resolving employee challenges, wage compliance, employee benefits compliance, and more.

HR outsourcing is an efficient way for business owners to meet their HR needs and reduce loss of revenue due to compliance and other employment issues. With the help of professional HR consulting services, you can save time, money, and stress. 

People management challenges can have a major impact on your organization’s productivity and culture. These issues can also have a huge impact on the employees impacted by the processes in place. With the wrong people management processes in place, the work environment can be stressful and unhealthy, leading to low morale and low employee engagement. 

Our professional HR outsourcing services will help you redefine and strengthen your culture. Our HR solutions include

  • Handbooks
  • Performance Management
  • Training
  • Recruitment Tools and Processes
  • HR Process Audits

We will help you ensure you have everything in place to meet your needs and your employees’ needs.

Employment law can range from wage compliance to discrimination and harassment issues. A company without the right infrastructure in place to meet these employment laws could face heavy fines or other legal issues.

Our HR consulting services include a complete HR compliance audit to determine what you need to meet employment laws related to your organization. We will help you discover any missing processes and provide the support you need to put these processes in place.

A successful business needs strong leaders who know what is necessary to promote communication and effective business strategies. Training leaders to meet these needs means more profit for your business!

Our HR outsourcing professionals can help you determine gaps in your leadership needs and provide training to help you increase productivity and improve company culture.

Our HR outsourcing services provide set support hours each month to meet whatever HR support project you are struggling with. Whether you have a compliance crisis, need help to implement processes that promote company growth, or need help with any other aspect of creating an HR infrastructure, our support team is available to help.

HR Outsourcing Services You Can Trust

 We provide HR support to help you drive your organization’s desired objectives with best-practice HR, benefits compliance, and employment law solutions. Our best-practice solutions include:

  • Attracting, hiring, and retaining the right people at the right time
  • Building a workplace environment that supports your goals, business strategy, and objectives
  • Utilizing up-to-date compensation practices to create fairness, engagement, and motivation
  • Compliance solutions for all relevant employment laws

We provide these and other services to help you reduce administrative headaches and give you peace of mind to trust that your HR needs are met.

Why Work with Outsourced HR Services?

Our HR professionals help you increase productivity and effectiveness by teaching new methodologies and behaviors. Working with our team provides:


Excellent Value

Outsourcing HR functions gives companies access to services they usually couldn't afford or obtain, increasing the value of your HR processes. By leaning on a trusted HR solutions provider, you make your organization more competitive. This leads to increased profits and better resources for recruiting and retaining top talent.


Lower Legal Liability

Compliance is an ongoing challenge for many HR departments and managers that must deal with complicated labor, safety, discrimination, and employment regulations. Increasingly strict regulatory environments make it quite difficult for small businesses to remain entirely compliant with changing employment laws and regulations. To outsource HR services means you can access the resources you need to meet HR and employment compliance requirements while leaning on a team that helps you shoulder the legal burdens.


Meet Changing HR Standards

Business practices and perceptions are constantly evolving as market, industry, and government trends change. Companies must be ready to meet these changes with limited resources.  Using outsourced HR services allows companies to choose which functions to outsource and the level of involvement needed. An HR partnership provides customized services with access to a team of experts.

HR Support Based on Your Needs

Based on your specific needs, we can offer a full-service support package with set hours each month, performing your highest HR priorities. We will act as your HR team or assist your existing team in building your HR infrastructure and delivering needed HR solutions.

Our professional HR team functions as your HR department, providing valuable experience in employee relations, compensation, recruiting, training, legal compliance, performance improvement, safety, and more. Our HR team is skilled in teaching leaders how to perform people management practices within the law and using best-practice HR strategies. 

Contact us to discuss your HR, benefits compliance, and employment law needs. 

Trusted HR Support

Rumbi Island Grill initially hired HR Service, Inc. to help develop our base and incentive compensation programs and performance appraisal system. We were so pleased with the results that our working relationship continued with them providing ongoing human resource management coaching, employee handbook design, and legal compliance assistance.

I strongly recommend HR Service, Inc. and have appreciated their help as we developed our human resource management systems and practices. I have taken an employment law class and received other training from their President, Ken Spencer, and found this training very valuable for our organization, as well as for myself.

Marcelene Cook – HR Manager –  Rumbi Island Grill 

We help you focus on your business growth, not on your HR headaches. HR Service, Inc. provides HR solutions and support that give you peace of mind!

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