Leadership Training Will Build Moral within Your Organization

Are your Leaders efficiently trained and knowledgeable in employment law?

Can they effectively Recruit and Interview for top talent?

Is your Staff trained in terminations, managing performance, corrective actions, communications, or team building?

Leadership training is essential for every company to maximize optimal results within your organization.
In today’s diverse employee labor and legal environment, influential people leadership skills are essential for managers in all levels of your company.

A Word From Ken Spencer, CEO & President

“HR Service, Inc., a professional people management solutions and supervisor training organization. We offer customized leadership training classes geared towards hiring, employee retention and development, employee retention, motivational techniques, and much more. We also train leaders in accelerating business change, strategic business planning, and execution.”   Ken Spencer – CEO

leadership training

Leadership Training Benefits

Diversity Training

You can effectively improve employee performance, teamwork & morale with the help of sensitivity training programs?

There is no doubt about it – cultural sensitivity training is an essential component to running a successful business.

Not only is it important for your employees to be sensitive to other cultures (partly due to federal and state regulations regarding diversity in the workplace), but a harmonious group of employees who are sensitive to the needs of others, will also provide your company with a number of benefits.

Some of the benefits that sensitivity training programs can help deliver include:

Building strong relationships between employees, and helping them to enjoy working with each other on a daily basis

Increasing employee productivity, enabling employees to feel more comfortable working with each other

Improving communication between co-workers by reducing misunderstandings and other common communication barriers

Reducing the number of harassment claims and other problems that may arise due to a lack of understanding of other cultures and employee differences

It is important to note that this type of training doesn’t involve trying to teach your employees about other cultures, religions or age groups. Rather, the goal of sensitivity training programs is to help your employees be more aware of how their perceptions can affect the way they interact with co-workers, and to understand that diversity and differences in employees can improve performance and productivity.

Leadership Training Classes Available

Hiring the right peopleDischarges without Lawsuits
Leading Daily Performance AppraisalsBuilding a Culture of Success
Accelerating ChangeSafety and Risk Management
Strategic Business PlanningOrientation – Fast Integration
Getting the Right People on the BusPositive Corrective Action
Effective Appraisals and Accountability Building a Culture of Success
Employment Law ComplianceIgnite Performance
Conducting Powerful PresentationsAccelerating Change AND Implementation
Engagement, Reinforcement MotivationWinning Unemployment Claims

*****Contact Us for a free training needs assessment or to schedule a training event. Special volume discounts apply when you enroll in more than one course at a time.

Common Employee Challenges and Training

Are you finding high quality employees? In addition, are you retaining your top talent?  

Are you providing the right type of evaluations for your staff on a consistent basis?

Are you in compliance with all state and federal laws within your termination process?

Is your pay structure in line with U.S. standards to retain your best employees? 

What is your discipline policy? Is it consistent and meeting fair practice standards?

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