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Why do I need an employee handbook when I communicated our policies at the time of hire?

An Employee handbook is essential to creating a strong and consistent workforce. They set out expectations and obligations to all employees and help avoid complications that could arise in the future.

Many companies rely on generic templates to create their employee handbook, but this will not consistently deliver the best result for your company. So instead, we create customized employee handbooks so you can be sure that they comply with your company policies and meet your expectations.

Employee handbooks help in keeping your business safe from lawsuits. Other essential factors of handbook ownership are as follows:

  • Even if I knew the law, how would I find time to create the employee handbook and keep it up to date?
  • How do I ensure that all my employees have read the handbook, understood it, and registered their acceptance?
  • How do I confirm that I refresh the memories of my employees at an appropriate frequency?
  • Do I know all new laws for the current and upcoming year and implemented within our handbook?
  • Can I ensure that an employee is referring to the latest version of a specific policy or process?
  • How can I ensure the employee has a reference point for our company benefits package?
  • Do I have a backup in writing regarding office policies I have already communicated to our employees?


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Any business must ensure consistency, clear communications and protect your business to ensure compliance within your organization. The Handbook helps keep your company safe and avoid potential lawsuits.

Employment Policies

One of the main benefits is that they help establish uniform and well-defined employment policies—a must-have item in today's workforce.


It is a convenient aid that helps communication between employers and employees. Companies can encompass all of their policies in a great format that makes it easy to understand and communication between employers and employees.

Employee Standards

The handbook also helps employees treat their employees the right way. The handbook defines and codes employer’s standards; through the rules, employers can treat their employees fairly.

Automatic Updates

The employee handbook is a living document. And must be updated annually to be compliant with new legislation. We provide automatic updates when this happens.

Creating the employee handbook

We ensure your handbook is unique to your business and thoroughly reviewed to align with your company’s federal and state employment laws. At the same time, we help you effectively communicate your expectations to your employees. Unlike other handbooks that can be technically impossible to understand, we ensure our content is straightforward and emphasizes an approachable tone. In addition, we use easily understood language, making it a breeze to comprehend for all employees.

We have experience in creating employee handbooks that are legally compliant and comprehensive. In addition, we help you develop a set of policies and procedures that will be useful to all your employees, not just new ones.
Your Employee Handbook should contain the following components (we include state and federal law components as well).
2.2 Equal Employment Opportunity
2.3 Harassment
2.4 Immigration Reform and Control Act
2.5 Open Communications and use of Bulletin Boards
2.6 Solicitation and Distribution of Literature
2.7 Grievance and Complaint Procedures
3.1 Employment Classifications
3.2 Recording Time Worked, Work Schedules and Hours
3.3 Overtime, Breaks and Meal Periods
3.4 Hiring of Relatives and friends (Nepotism)
3.5 Dating between employees (Fraternization)
3.6 Personal Property and Inspections
3.7 Performance Evaluation and Appraisals
3.8 Compensation and Promotions
3.9 Personnel & Client Records
3.10 Employee References
3.11 Termination of Employment
4.1 Attendance and Dependability
4.2 Dress Code and Appearance
4.3 Employee Conduct and Work Rules
4.4 Drug and Alcohol (Substance Abuse) / Smoking
4.5 Electronic Communication and Information Systems
4.6 Confidentiality and Conflicts of Interest
4.7 Gifts and Gratuities
4.8 Outside Employment
4.9 Employee Inventions
4.10 Safety Rules and Practices
4.11 Injury/Accident Reporting
4.12 Violence in the workplace and Position of Weapons
4.13 Off-Duty Conduct
5.1 Employee Benefits Summary (Customize)
5.2 Vacations and Sick Leave (Paid Time Off) (Customize)
5.3 Holiday Pay (Customize)
5.4 Continuation of Benefits (COBRA)
5.5 Funeral and Bereavement Leave (Customize)
5.6 Jury Duty (Customize)
5.7 Military Leave and other Personal Leave
6.1 Lock-up and Lights, telephones, cell phones, and copy machine (Customize)
6.2 Personal Vehicle Use
6.3 Business & Travel Expense Reimbursement

Save time, take the guesswork out of designing an employee handbook, and take advantage of our solutions.

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