Employee Handbook - Do you Need One?

An employee handbook is a document that communicates your company’s mission, policies and expectations. Employers give this to employees to clarify their rights and responsibilities while they’re employed with the company.

Is Your Employee Handbook Compliant and Up-to-Date?

  • A current employee handbook is essential to any business to ensure consistency, clear communications and protect your business to ensure compliance within your organization.
  • Employee handbooks, also known as employee manuals, are one of the necessary documents that any small or large company should have. One of the main benefits of the handbooks is that they help in establishing uniform and well-defined employment policies.
  • The manuals also aid in helping employees to treat their employees the right way. Here the manuals define and codify the employer’s standards, and through the rules, the employers can treat their employees consistently for a long time. 
  • A convenient device for communication between employers and employees. Companies can encompass all of their policies in a great format that makes it easy to understand and makes communication easy between the employer and the employees.
  • Keeps your company safe – Employee Handbooks can avoid lawsuits of employees—this aids in ensuring that the company keeps on operating smoothly without any interruptions. 
  • Your company’s employee handbook is a living document. In order to stay compliant, it needs to be updated annually and adjusted as new legislation is announced and your company policies.

Your Company Employee Handbook should contain the following components (we include state and federal law components as well).

  • Company policies
  • Compensation/benefits
  • Terms of employment
  • Discipline
  • Paid Time Off (PTO)
  • Payroll deductions
  • Business travel
  • Overtime
  • Nondiscrimination
  • Conflict of interest
  • COVID-19-related infection prevention measures
  • Intellectual property
  • Retaliation
  • Telecommuting
  • Code of conduct
  • Social Media rules
  • Time and Attendance
  • Ethics
  • Dress code
  • Safety
  • Mobile device policy

We Make the Employee Handbook Easy to Read While Ensuring your Company’s Safety

We ensure your handbook is unique to your business and thoroughly reviewed to align with your company’s federal and  state employment laws. At the same time, we help you effectively communicate your expectations to your employees. Unlike other handbooks that can be technically impossible to understand, we ensure our content emphasizes an approachable tone.  Meaning, we want your employees to retain the information, therefore, making it a breeze to read and comprehend.

Questions you must ask to determine the need for an Employee Handbook

  • Even if I knew the law, how would I find time to create the employee handbook and keep it up to date?
  • How do I ensure that all my employees have read the handbook, understood it, and registered their acceptance?
  • How do I ensure that I refresh the memories of my employees at an appropriate frequency?
  • How do I ensure that an employee is referring to the latest version of a specific policy or process?

Save the time and take the guesswork out of designing an employee handbook and take advantage of our solutions. Having an employee handbook is an essential tool for all businesses, no matter how small.

Let HR Service, Inc. help you create or update your employee handbook.
Contact Us below for a free consultation or to receive a free sample.  We offer templates and a customized handbook option, depending on your needs.
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