Customized Employee Handbook

Why do you need an employee handbook when you communicate company policies during orientation? Your company handbook ensures employees know and understand what is expected of them. It also helps to maintain consistency in all company policies. HR Service, Inc. can help you build, update, and distribute handbooks customized to your unique company needs.

Employee Handbook Solutions

Easily create, update, store, and distribute your company handbook with HR eSolutions. Complete the questionnaire to get your customized handbook. Keep up with all your handbook revisions, and easily store employee signatures. Receive notifications for recommended updates.

Receive monthly HR bulletins to keep up with changing trends, requirements, and best practices. You can also access our library of useful tips and resources to help you manage your HR, compliance, and employment law needs.

Access our library of training videos to ensure employees and leaders are knowledgeable on critical job skills and compliance needs.

Review your current HR practices to ensure you are compliant with all HR and employment law requirements.

Work with our HR experts to review and update current handbooks or create a new handbook. We will walk through each step with you to build a handbook designed to meet your company needs.

Our HR experts will help you review your current HR infrastructure and work with you build processes to guide your HR practices. We will help you build a thriving infrastructure that can grow with you.

Do you have specific training needs? Our team can develop customized training to meet any need.

Let us help you put the resources in place you need to help your employees succeed. We will provide coaching, training, and any other resources you need for productive, engaged employees who can grow with you.

Communicate policies, procedures, and expectations for your leadership team with a custom leader handbook. Make sure your leadership is on the same page and provide the resources needed to manage their teams.

If you have unique safety compliance or requirements that must be followed, a safety handbook helps you to communicate these requirements to all affected employees. Lay out all safety standards and ensure employees know what they need to protect themselves.


Your employee handbook is essential for creating a strong and consistent workforce. The handbook sets out your company mission, values, and goals. It lays out the policies and procedures required for success and safety. It ensures employees understand what is expected of them in the workplace.

Relying on a generic template will not help you communicate the unique needs of your company. HR Service, Inc. helps you create customized employee handbooks so you can be sure everyone understands and complies with your unique requirements.

Providing Peace Of Mind

“I have rested easier at night because of their help with our company handbook and other compliance matters.”

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Consistent Compliance For A
Safe, Productive Workplace


Consistency is key to maintaining compliance with regulations and company policies. Your customized handbook helps you ensure compliance and protect your business from safety or legal concerns.

Manage Employment Policies

Establish uniform and well-defined polices for all your employees. The handbook helps everyone understand what is expected of them and ensures all employees are treated fairly. 

Clearly Communicate Requirements

The employee handbook helps you to communicate expectations whenever changes occur. Manage and communicate all your company policies in one place to ensure everyone is on the same page.


Make sure employees are treated fairly and that your leadership and employees understand the workplace standards. These standards provide a code of conduct that everyone must follow.

Access Automatic Updates

Your handbook is a living document that should be reviewed and updated once a year or when any regulation changes occur that affect your policies and procedures. HR Service, Inc. can provide automatic notifications when new or changing regulations occur, making it easier for you to keep up with your handbook.

Save Time & Take The Guesswork Out Of Designing Your Handbook

We ensure your handbook is unique to your business and in compliance with federal and state employment laws. We help you effectively communicate new and updated policies and procedures with employees, ensuring content is easy to understand.

We have experience in creating employee handbooks that are legally compliant and comprehensive while providing clear language that makes it easy for all employees to maintain company standards. 

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