hr infrastructure

HR Infrastructure


What is it? Think of it as your foundation that supports your business. Our HR Solution begins by focusing on delivering cost-effective Human Resource expertise for our clients and partners, which increases your ROI.

How is an HR Infrastructure Built?

  • We start building your HR Infrastructure by clearly understanding where you are now regarding employment law risk, current HR practices, and employee perceptions.
  • Next, we ensure you know your goals, where, and how you will get there. With a clear vision, mission, and values, combined with an understanding of what needs to be improved, we now create step-by-step HR functions to get you to your end goal.
  • We provide effective human resource solutions to guide your current practices, resulting in efficient compliance, productive people placement, and unique workplace culture.
  • With effective hiring practices, onboarding, performance management, salary guidelines, and HR roles in place, your HR Infrastructure is now complete. We further align your HR Infrastructure with your business strategy, so all people functions work together to achieve the client’s plan and purpose for business.

We help clients create their HR infrastructure and practices needed to eliminate risk, make a great workplace, train supervisors and engage talent to create a high-performing organization and the support that holds the business together and running smoothly.

HR Service, Inc. helps clients build the following HR infrastructure foundation to engage employee talent, execute business strategy and maximize employee resources.

Strategic Roadmap

Clear business purpose, vision, values, strategy, and objectives to guide practices, behavior, results and people resources.

People Placement

Implement staffing and planning systems that ensure the right person is in the right place when needed. Recruiting and selection techniques to find and select top-quality talent. Build orientation systems to get new employees up to speed quickly. In addition, we define career tracks and succession planning. An employer brand and image that attracts others to the business.

Compliance & Safety

Focus on legally compliant practices and a safe work environment. Helping you keep current on applicable federal and state laws. Implementing ideal practices to comply. Implement policies, procedures and practices that ensure compliance and reduce the risk of employee lawsuits or regulatory agency penalties. Leaders are trained in compliance, documentation, safety and complaint response.

Skill Development

Highly skilled employees and leaders match the organization's needs with systems of continued learning and growth—clearly defined knowledge, skills and abilities necessary for each position. Talent and training need assessment methods. Training systems, mentoring and on-the-job training implementation.


The use of best practices for all functions and positions performed consistently throughout the organization. Organizational structure and workflow processes that support company strategy, drive efficient operations and effectively utilize people resources.
Aligned human resource functions, tools, coaching and support to execute strategy, solve departmental challenges and support goal accomplishment. Established employment and operations policies and procedures guiding practices, behaviors and decisions. System of continued improvement that better meets customer needs (speed, quality and service), and improves products and labor productivity.
Clearly defined job descriptions, roles, responsibilities, duties and tasks performed by each employee.

Performance & Accountability

Clear performance expectations, a tracking system and feedback process for the company, work teams, and individuals. Clear performance expectations, a tracking system and feedback process for the company, work teams and individuals. Performance assessment, feedback, coaching, goal setting, recognition and reinforcement techniques. System of positive corrective action. Reward and recognition systems which reinforce desired behaviors and business outcomes. Competitive pay, benefits and reward systems that support strategy, drive desired results and behaviors while being perceived as fair and equitable.

Effective Culture

A positive and productive work environment where employees exhibit company values, execute company strategies and achieve objectives.
Cordial and friendly atmosphere where employees can respectfully work side by side with their peers to create an effective business mechanism.
Open, clear communication between individuals and departments
Positive resolution of conflict and differences of opinion
Employee involvement, teamwork, motivation, innovation, creativity, and commitment
Perceptions of fairness, job satisfaction and high employee morale
Strong internal and external customer service
Diverse team members working together respectfully

State-of-the-art processes and techniques for the following HR functions

Recruiting, selection, hiring & new employee orientations, compensation, rewards and benefits, performance management and assessment, employee relations, training & development, safety programs and worker’s compensation claims. Personnel records, documentation & file management, leave programs, management grievances, corrective actions and terminations. Management coaching on employment practices, corrective actions & employee issues. Train competent, caring leaders who coach and guide individuals and teams towards desired results and behaviors. Training and development programs that meet organizational and people objectives.

We know that you're busy running your business. You don't need to worry about HR issues. 

With over 17 years in the human resources outsourcing business, we comprehensively understand HR solutions and best practices. We know how to get the most from your employees and manage your HR, so you can focus on what you do best.

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