Build An HR Infrastructure That Can Grow With You

Your HR infrastructure is the foundation that supports your business. HR Service, Inc. can provide the support you need to build an infrastructure customized to your goals, so you have solutions designed to grow your business and grow with you.

Your Strategic Roadmap To Business Success

Create clear purpose, vision, values, strategy, and objectives to guide your business practices.

Implement staffing systems that ensure you have the right people in the right places when needed.

Develop recruiting and selection techniques to attract top-quality talent.

Build orientation systems that get new employees started effectively and quickly.

Define career tracks and highlight growth opportunities in your company.

Create an employer brand and image that attracts the right people for your company culture.

Clearly define the knowledge, skills, abilities, responsibilities, and duties needed to succeed for each role.

Ensure legally compliant HR practices and maintain a safe work environment.

Institute tools to help you keep up with changing federal and state laws.

Implement compliant policies, procedures, and practices throughout your company that reduce the risk of legal issues and regulatory penalties.

Train leaders in managing compliance, documentation, safety, and effective responses.

Develop leader and employee skills that will help your business thrive and grow.

Communicate clear performance expectations and implement performance tracking systems and feedback processes to evaluate your company, teams, and individual employees.

Develop employee recognition programs that will motivate desired behaviors and business outcomes.

Implement positive and effective corrective action processes that provide steps for success.

Design competitive pay and benefit systems that support your business strategy, drive desired results, and provide fair and equitable compensation.

Establish Effective Operations and Procedures

Develop organizational structure and workflows that support your company needs, drive efficient operations, and utilize your resources effectively.

HR Service, Inc. can help you align HR functions, tools, coaching, and support to solve departmental challenges and drive goal accomplishment.

We develop systems that better meet your customer needs and increase productivity.

Create a Positive
Company Culture

Implement an HR infrastructure that promotes a positve work environment where employees exhibit company values, execute company strategies, and achieve company objectives. Encourage a friendly atmosphere where employees can work together respectfully to meet your business goals. 

Develop an environment of open communication between employees and across departments. Implement effective conflict resolution strategies and create a culture that encourages employee engagement, teamwork, innovation, creativity, and commitment. 

Build a community based on fairness, job satisfaction, and high employee morale. Develop diverse teams that can work together toward a common goal.

State-of-the-Art Processes and Techniques For A Thriving HR Infrastructure

With over 20 years in the human resources outsourcing business, HR Service, Inc. understands the HR tools and best practices that will help your business thrive. We can create customized solutions that will help you get the most out of your employees and leaders. We have the resources you need to manage your HR requirements so you can focus on building your business.

We can help you build an HR infrastructure that attracts the best people for your business. We provide the tools that help you manage these employees, so you have teams that thrive and grow. We put the processes in place you need to take care of your compliance needs. Focus on running your business, we will focus on putting the processes in place that help your business grow.

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An Effective Infrastructure Means
Increased Performance, Increased ROI


We start building your HR infrastructure by understanding where you are now. We evaluate your employment law risk, current HR practices, and employee perceptions to create structures customized to your needs.

2. integrate infrastructure and goals

HR Service, Inc. will work with you to ensure we understand your goals and how you want to reach these goals. We help you develop and communicate a clear vision, mission, and values, implementing the tools and resources you need with step-by-step processes to reach these goals.

3. HR Management for Your Future

We provide effective HR solutions to guide your current and future needs. We help you create strong hiring practices, performance management strategies, and processes for a complete HR infrastructure that is ready to meet your changing work environment.


HR Service, Inc. helps you create the HR infrastructure and practices needed to eliminate risk, create a positive workplace, develop talent, and engage employees for a high-performing organization. We provide the support you need to hold your business together and keep things running smoothly.

Is your infrastructure ready for growth? Access our HR assessment to find out.

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This quick assessment will help you evaluate your current HR infrastructure. Determine the areas where you are struggling and get ready to create a thriving infrastructure!

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