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The Summary Plan Description (SPD) is an ERISA-required document you must distribute to participants or employer-sponsored group health plans that provides a summary of the plan information. HR Service, Inc. helps you complete all your welfare plan descriptions at one time with our SPD Wrap services.




We provide hands-on assistance with creating and editing your Summary Plan documents. Manage all your health and welfare benefits summary distributions in one document with our SPD Wrap service. We help you compile the needed information and create your SPD using ERISA-required language that is easily understood by participants.



Our DIY ERISA eSolutions platform gives you access to templates and tools that make it easy for you to manage all your benefits compliance documentation, including your Summary Plan Description. Create, edit, and store all necessary documents, and easily download your SPDs for distribution. Our monthly legal updates will help you keep up with all your important compliance due dates.



You are required to notify participants of changes to your welfare benefit plans within 210 days after the end of the plan year in which the change was adopted with a Summary of Material Modification. This SMM document describes the material changes made to the welfare plan. HR Service, Inc. can help you create, edit, and distribute the SMM documentation with our SPD Wrap services or on the ERISA eSolutions platform.

Reduce the Hassle of Benefits Compliance

ERISA regulations require benefit plan providers to inform participants of plan information, notify participants about changes made to their benefit plans, and maintain documentation on all benefit plans provided. This includes providing an SPD to provide a complete description of plan terms and conditions to all plan participants. Keeping up with these regulations can become tricky as your business grows and new regulations come into play.

HR Service, Inc. provides hands-on and DIY options to help you manage your benefit compliance needs. You choose how much help you need with completing your SPD and other compliance documents. We make it easy to sign up for our SPD Wrap services or ERISA eSolutions options.

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Easy Access to SPD Solutions


We can help you unravel your SPD and other benefit compliance needs. Our experts can go over your current compliance status and work with you to determine the best solutions to meet your needs. We will help you keep up with compliance requirements and meet your needs accurately and on time.

2. Manage Your Compliance Needs in One Place

Whether you need hands-on help with your SPD and other notification requirements, or you just need the tools to help you keep up with it yourself, we can work with you to manage and maintain your compliance documentation.

3. Never miss important due dates

HR Service, Inc. can help you keep up with new and changing regulations, helping you to keep up with all your compliance due dates with notifications and reminders. Our tools and resources help you understand and manage your compliance requirements as your business continues to grow and transition.

Compliance Resources that Grow with You

Whether you need help keeping up with your SPD Wraps or your other compliance documentation, we have all the tools you need to manage your benefits compliance. Let us work with you to establish compliance procedures that will grow with you.


An SPD is a summary of your welfare benefit plan features you are required to provide plan participants. This document provides information about plan rights and obligations, providing a complete description of plan terms and conditions written in language that is easy to understand. The information required will differ depending on the plan, but each SPD should include:

  • Employer name, address, and phone number
  • Plan Type
  • Description of Benefits
  • Plan EIN
  • Provisions covered by the plan
  • Special features
  • Plan administrator information

Each welfare plan requires an SPD, though you can combine all welfare plan descriptions in one document with an SPD Wrap.

The SPD wrap combines all welfare benefit plans into one Summary Plan Description document, making it easy to notify participants of the required plan information at one time.

An SMM describes material modifications to a welfare benefit plan and is required within 210 days after the end of the plan year in which the change was adopted. This notifies participants of any important changes to their welfare benefits and is required by ERISA regulations.

If you offer a group welfare plan, you are required to distribute an ERISA SPD document to all plan participants within 120 days of the plan’s effective date. You can choose to complete an SPD Wrap to combine welfare benefit plan notifications into one document. If you choose this option, the same regulations apply.

You are required to provide an SPD within 120 days of an ERISA-regulated welfare plan’s effective date. If any modifications occur, you must distribute an SPD every five years.


A new SPD is required every 10 years if no modifications are made.


You are also required to provide a copy of your SPD documentation to the DOL if requested.

Failure to distribute an SPD to participants can result in fines of $110 per day for each incident. You could also subject yourself to lawsuits and other legal issues from employees.


Failure to meet a DOL request for documentation can result in fines up to $190 per day, not to exceed $1,906 per request.

ERISA law does not cover group plans for government entities or churches. It also does not cover plans made to comply with applicable workers’ compensation, disability, unemployment laws, or those maintained for nonresident aliens outside of America.


There is a difference between plan documents and the Summary Plan Description. Plan documents explain the benefits participants are entitled to and provide:

  • The name of the fiduciary who holds authority to administer the plan.
  • The process for amending and terminating the policy.
  • The source of plan contributions and the distribution responsibilities between the employer and insurance carrier.

The Department of Labor has increased ERISA audits to ensure all rules and regulations are followed. The ERISA regulations are subject to change, making it harder for employers to maintain compliance on their own.


HR Service, Inc. can help you keep up with these changing regulations and determine which rules apply to you so you can keep up with all requirements. We can help you make sure you have all the information you need and help you conduct regular reviews so you don’t have to worry about missing important requirements.

Keep up with important due dates to ensure you are compliant

Compliance Calendar download

Our Compliance Calendar helps you keep up with upcoming compliance due dates, giving you peace of mind that you are prepared to meet your compliance requirements.

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