Employee Training for Powerful Leaders

Why Provide Employee Training?

Employee Training focuses on Critical Job Skills such as Customer Service, Teamwork, & Communications.  Employee training is essential to create highly productive team members that work well together delivering your solutions in a way that sets you apart from the competition and wowing your customers.  Sharpening the skills of your team members is essential to growing your business, eliminating risk and creating highly engaged people.

What are the Key Advantages of Having an Employee Training Programs?

•Ensuring You Are Operating Within the Law
•Helping you Manage Performance
•Building Effective Communications & Team Building Skills
•Creating Engaged, Motivated Employees
Corrective Action & Termination Procedures
•Hiring the Right People and Retaining Your Best Talent
•Implementing a Sound Sexual Harassment Policy

What Does Employee Training Include?

Harassment Prevention

  • Almost daily we hear of a new lawsuit about someone or an organization being sued or fined for sexual harassment or other forms or harassment such as gender, age, religion, sexual preference and so on.  This course clearly defines what constitutes harassment, how to prevent it, what to do if you experience any form of harassment and reporting process.  We also train supervisors in their role to monitor the workplace, reinforce holding others accountable to the company’s harassment policy, responding to harassment complaints and conducting an investigation.

Superior Customer Service

  • No matter how competitive it is in your field of business, you can always set yourself apart from others when you deliver outstanding customer service.  This course provides employees with the tools and techniques to create raving fans of repeat business and referrals leaving your customers loyal to your business.

Safety & Compliance with OSHA

  • All organizations have some level of workplace safety, especially in industries like manufacturing, construction or where there they use tools, equipment and chemicals.  This course provides general training practices to help keep your work environment safe, free from accidents and able to comply with OSHA requirements.  We also offer a Hazards Communications course that is required training for any organization that deals with hazardous chemicals.

Team Communication

  • Getting team members to be open, direct, transparent and clear with all forms of communication (oral, non-verbal & body language) will help you create a thriving culture where employees get results, free of negative conflicts.  This course demonstrates effective communication techniques, shows how to actively listen and gets participants thinking about how best to communicate with the multiple personalities they deal with each day.

Conflict Resolution

  • Conflict in the workplace is inevitable, and how team members work through these conflicts will make or break employee relations and your work culture.  This course helps participants be aware of both negative and positive ways to respond when there are differences of option, and different personalities.  We train people to go direct to the source, not behind each-others backs.  We show how to collaborate to achieve win/win resolutions.  We further show when to compromise, when to avoid conflict and overall skills to work through any situation in a positive fashion.

Stress Management

  • Most organizations have times with high stress levels that can hurt productivity, morale, engagement and even employee health, if not dealt with correctly.  In this course, we show how to effectively handle stress at work and in our personal lives.

Time Management

  • Time is so precious that if unplanned and organized, it can completely get away from us before we achieve our desired actions and projects for the day.  In this course we show not only how to effectively manage time, we show techniques to prioritize, create checklists, schedule time to get things done, organizing your workflow and overall work area.

Proven Sales Techniques

  • Sales is the lifeline of growing and sustaining a business.  Effective sales focus on finding unmet pain/needs from your target prospect and helping them resolve their challenge using your service.  This course shows techniques in how to identify pain, establish a budget, present to decision-makers and techniques in closing the deal without them feeling like they were sold something.  We train in a consultative sales approach that gets results, repeat business and referrals.

Project Management/Accelerating Implementation

  • We all have to manage our projects and get them implemented effectively to achieve desired results.  This course shows how to effectively manage projects, achieve buy-in, and get things implemented in a timely fashion.
Employee Training includes various time options of 1, 2, 4, 6, and 8-hours.
** Dependent upon the level of detail and skill practice desired. Training is done at your facility to accommodate schedules and travel requirements for participants.
Client Review from Teton County
client reviews hr service

Julianne Fries - Director of Human Resources

I can’t say enough about the personal attention and the high level of competence I receive from HR Service. Every interaction is professional and supportive. Our assigned HR Business Coach consistently goes the extra mile by responding to my inquiries any time of the day or night, and by following up with supporting literature. Having this resource has given me great confidence in my ability to deal with issues before they become problems for the organization. I’m amazed at how HR Service is able to respond to any issue I throw at them and provide me with accurate and timely guidance.

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