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HR Outsourcing Services - Outsourcing for Small and Large Businesses

Are you a startup company that has no one to manage your HR and needs compliance advice immediately?  Or, are you a large company that has overwhelmed its current HR staff that needs to provide support to your internal staff?  We provide qualified and experienced Human Resource Management Professionals that focus on the following:

What are the Top 3 Reasons to Outsource with an HR Pro?

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Excellent Value

The leading reason behind the switch from in-house HR managers to HR Professional Outsourcing is value. Outsourcing HR functions gives companies benefits that they usually couldn't afford or obtain. The more clients an HR service firm has, the more negotiating strength they may have to take on profit-driven health coverage and employee benefit organizations. As a result, the company will lower its health care plan costs and offer workers many previously unaffordable benefits and make the company more competitive when recruiting and retaining talent in aggressive job markets.

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Lower Legal Liability

Compliance is an ongoing challenge for many HR departments that must deal with complicated labor, safety, discrimination, and employment regulations. Increasingly strict regulatory environments make it quite difficult for HR professionals in small businesses to remain entirely compliant with changing OSHA, worker's compensation, and Affordable Care Act rules. HR service firms often accept some or all of the legal responsibility for managing compliance.

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New HR Industry Standards

Business practices and perceptions are evolving with changing market, industry, and government trends. Companies can choose which functions to outsource and the level of their integrated involvement with the HR services firm. An HR partnership provides customized services and documentation with access to a team of experts. Human Resources Outsourcing (HRO) is a comprehensive plan that comes with an on-site HR Professional.

Hours Billed are based on your Individual Company Needs

  • HR outsourcing allows you to focus on your business while we focus on your highest Human Resource priorities.
  • We will act as your HR team or assist an existing team in building your HR Infrastructure and delivering needed HR solutions.
  • Offering more hands-on assistance, HR Professional Outsourced Solutions helps build and sustain your HR infrastructure with support from our entire team of experts.
  • Your HR Pro functions as though they are your HR Department and provides valuable experience within employee relations, compensation, recruiting, training, legal compliance, performance improvement, safety, orientations, and more.
  • Your HR Professional is skilled in teaching leaders how to perform people management practices within the law and using best practice HR strategies.

How Does HR Professional Outsourcing Benefit You?

  • We drive the company’s desired strategy, objectives, and behaviors with best practice people management techniques.
  • Show you how to attract, hire and retain the right people, when needed.
  • Build a culture and environment that supports your goals,  business strategy, and objectives.
  • Utilizing up-to-date pay methods creating perceptions of fairness, engagement, and motivation.
  • Ensure you are within compliance with all mandates and laws.
  • Reduce administrative headaches by taking on the workload on your behalf.
  • HR Pro helps Increase productivity and effectiveness by teaching new methodology and behaviors.
  • We help your teams grow professionally by training your employees and management teams.
Our Goal and Mission is to Provide you the best possible service in the industry
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