HR Compliance audit

HR Compliance Audit

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The HR compliance audit aims to identify areas where improvements could be made and aspects in need of clarification. HR compliance audits should be taken seriously because they can help companies avoid lawsuits, fines, and other penalties from their employees or federal agencies such as the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC).

Your HR professionals can perform an audit if they have the expertise, the time, a willingness to recognize deficiencies in current procedures objectively, and the power to make or influence the necessary organizational recommendations. If you choose to audit internally, it is recommended to consult with a third party, such as HR Service, Inc., who is not an attorney, as the findings are subject to discovery in litigation relating to employment practices.

HR Service performs a thorough HR audit, identifies violations and risks that could affect your company’s reputation, and ensures that you pass an audit by the DOL. Companies operate in a heavily regulated environment, meaning they must comply with an array of complicated labor and employment laws. Thus, If you are found non-compliant during an audit, this could result in hefty penalties and fines by the Department of Labor (DOL)This is why you would want to invest in proactive measures; It is never easy knowing all the laws and when they are updated. Therefore, we created this solution to keep you aware so that you are ready at any moment. We make it simple and worry-free!

4 Components to an HR Compliance Audit

Perform a Risk Assessment

that provides a compliance score that helps determine your risk level for potential fines and or penalties.

Identify current employee morale

and engagement levels as part of an employee opinion survey that covers all parts of an active business.

Foster a Climate Conducive to Change

and periodically review implementation.

Evaluate your HR practices

to identify missing practices that would improve your culture, morale, and employee engagement levels.

Expert Compliance Analysis

An experienced HR Professional will evaluate and score the following:

  • Identification of compliance violations and compliance risks.
  • Recommended solutions to address concerns.
  • HR compliance guidelines and training materials.
  • Recommendations to create a legally safe working environment.
  • Review required forms, records and posting requirements.
  • Identify potential lawsuit risk areas and receive ideas on how to minimize them.
  • Review exemption status (exempt or non-exempt) under the Fair Labor Standards Act.
  • Assess likely discrimination practices, harassment and retaliation.
  • Create a compliant, safe work environment with consistent, fair, optimal employment practices.

What is Your Compliance Score?


Audits can identify whether your HR department’s process is compliant and active. Therefore, the review results identify gaps in the HR department that can prioritize and improve to minimize violations — finally, a helpful measurement of maintaining effectiveness in fundamental HR practice areas. Our team of experts will provide a comprehensive audit of your company’s current HR policies and practices. We will assist you in identifying compliance violations and risks that could affect your company’s reputation and recommend solutions to improve them. Thus, becoming a more effective organization.  Is your organization compliant?  

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