Sexual Harassment Training

Creating a work environment free of risky behaviors reduces your legal risks and creates a more positive, productive work environment. HR Service, Inc. can help you set clear expectations, define processes, and educate your team with our sexual harassment training solutions.

Don't Let Harassment in The Workplace Harm Your Company

  • 44% of Americans have experienced sexual harassment in the workplace.
  • 54% of women report experiencing sexual harassment at work.
  • 58% of victims don’t report the harassment out of fear.
  • 45% that don’t report fear the complaint won’t be handled effectively.
  • 34% that don’t report fear retaliation.
  • 40% of all harassment complaints in the workforce deal with sexual harassment.

While 98% of businesses have a harassment policy in place, many of these businesses fail to keep these policies updated or fail to provide necessary training to ensure compliance with these policies. This is dangerous as workplace harassment costs companies $3.5 billion each year.

Are your leaders trained to handle a potential sexual harassment complaint correctly? Do your employees know what to do if they witness or experience harassment? HR Service, Inc. will help you implement complaint policies that will help keep your employees and your business safe.

We will provide training for all levels, ensuring your harassment policies are understood and followed. We will help your leadership implement procedures to properly handle harassment complaints. With our training options, you can reduce legal and financial risks while creating a safe, positive work environment where employees can thrive.

In-Depth Harassment Prevention Training

Harassment includes any behavior that interferes with an employee’s work performance or creates a hostile work environment. Our sexual harassment training provides techniques and best practices to create a harassment-free environment.

We will help you create and implement a clear company policy to define and prohibit harassment behaviors. We will help you set expectations and consequences associated with your harassment policy to promote a safe work environment.

We will help you communicate processes for reporting, investigating, and addressing harassment complaints. Our training will provide a step-by-step process for investigating complaints while avoiding the errors and pitfalls that can put your company at risk.

We will help you educate your management on how to respond to harassment behaviors and how to manage sexual harassment complaints. We will provide techniques to help them stay aware of risks, how to enforce policies, and how to conduct investigations and take proper action.

We will help educate employees on what harassment is, how to prevent it, and how to respond if they witness or experience harassment in the workplace.

Our sexual harassment training will provide tips and best practices for managing documentation associated with harassment complaints. This includes documenting evidence, witnesses, testimonials, and any actions taken to address complaints.

We will help you address corrective actions based on the conclusions of your investigations. We will teach techniques to address issues and avoid risks.

We will provide best practices to avoid retaliation when addressing complaints, teaching what is considered retaliation and how to correctly work with complainants.


Experience You Can Trust

“I was brand new to the HR world and was glad that I had someone I could reach out to for experience. Our provided HR business coach has been the one I can contact when I have questions about how to handle certain situations, bounce ideas off of to make sure I am doing things correctly, and help me understand HR better.”

Jill Jenkins, HR Wasatch Physical Therapy


Our team provides sexual harassment training that meets the content and format requirements for California and New York. Our HR experts are experienced and meet the qualifications for trainers in both states.

Does your leadership know what to do if a sexual harassment complaint occurs? Let our 20 years of experience help you.

Sexual Harassment Training Checklist

Download our free Sexual Harassment Training Checklist to ensure your team knows how to address and prevent sexual harassment in the workplace.

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