Company Values

Is HR Service, Inc. A Good Fit?

HR Service, Inc. strives to provide HR solutions our clients and partners can trust. We continue making HR, Compliance, and Employment Law solutions, tools, and systems that allow you to manage your business more effectively.

Our goal is simple. We strive to offer tools that provide peace of mind.

A Value Driven Company

We provide peace of mind by giving prompt, friendly customer service while continuously improving our services.

We deliver solutions to help you create a highly productive and effective organization that gives employees a great place to work.

HR Service, Inc. is a great fit for your team if you are dedicated to providing the infrastructure and procedures to help your employees and organization thrive.

From value-driven solutions to personal service, our customers come first in all we do.

• We listen to your frustrations so we can provide services that deliver the results that meet your unique needs.
• We help you create a culture that supports your values, vision, and purpose.
• We provide friendly and timely support aligned to your unique needs and wants.
• We communicate openly being fully transparent, clear, and concise.

We strive to be an extension of your organization, providing the best tools and solutions that drive your success.

We provide solutions, systems, and practices designed to help you achieve meaningful and impactful results.

• Our team members are driven to generate solutions and get results.
• We help you put the practices and procedures in place to attract and retain the top talent for your organization.
• We help you create highly engaged talent, a thriving work culture, a high-performing organization, and effective HR practices for improved working situations.
• We provide high return on investment helping organizations perform better, create needed HR Infrastructure, and avoid costly fines, penalties, and lawsuits.

We strive for courage in how we conduct business and how we interact with others.

• Courage to do the ethical thing, even when no one is looking, even if it could negatively impact our bottom line.
• Courage to speak up, resolve conflicts, and take needed actions.
• Courage to demonstrate impeccable honesty.

We want to provide innovative solutions that meet our high standards of courage for you.

Ever-Improving Solutions and Skills

We continually grow in knowledge, skills, and use of best practices to help our team, clients, and partners continue growing.

  • We stay up-to-date on changing regulations and best practices, adjusting our solutions and information as needed to meet these changing demands.
    • We find ways to overcome obstacles or challenges, no matter the problem or business issue.
    • We are one united team demonstrating respect, cooperation, and helpfulness at all times.
    • We are flexible, adjusting solutions to market conditions, partners, and employer needs.

Our HR Solution tools are constantly improving to meet the needs of our clients and partners. We offer DIY eSolutions or standalone full-service solutions depending on your needs.

HR Service is Dedicated to Providing Value

"HR Service, Inc. has been a tremendous help to the Sandy Area Chamber of Commerce. They have given us excellent advice that has enabled us to avoid problems with our personnel and to make excellent hires and motivate our employees. With their guidance, our employees are not just putting in a day’s work; they are committed to serving the members. They have a passion and are excited about the Chamber and its mission to help businesses grow and prosper. HR Service has provided far more value than we ever anticipated. A small business needs an HR Service to keep in compliance with the legal requirements. But HR can also help you make great hires, train, and motivate people to excel."

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