company mission - Superior People. Superior Service.

Our Company Mission is Creating High Performing Organizations is just the start. We provide world-class service offering a range of outsourced HR Solutions. From doing the work yourself, which is web-based solutions. Or, choose more hands-on solutions, where we perform all of the work for you.  Making compliance and HR a simple process.  Creating effective HR systems, productive cultures, and engaged employees, is crucial to create your peace of mind.

Our vision and values are based upon helping our clients succeed.

To be the most trusted and premier value-adding provider of employee benefit compliance and outsourced HR
solutions across the country.


Improve – We continually seek opportunities to increase in knowledge, skills and use of best practices embracing continual improvement for us, our clients and partners.

Overcome – We find ways to overcome any obstacle or challenge, no matter the problem or business issue.

Teamwork – We are one united team that is respectful, cooperative, supportive, and helpful with each other. We win, lose, and grow together.

Giving – We conduct business and our personal lives in a manner demonstrating care, understanding, and friendliness, providing more than we take in all interactions.

Service – We provide outstanding personal touch service, answers, and solutions always following through with what we say, creating relationships, peace of mind, confidence, and trust.

Now Offering Web-Based Solutions

Working under both ERISA Solutions and HR Service, Inc. divisions, we provide web-based solution access to employers and partners.

Now you can easily create, store, and edit the following:

Further, we provide web-accessed HR solutions with hundreds of best practice articles, forms, templates, supervisor training, employment law resources, job descriptions, and more.

Included in our service is the HIPAA Toolkit and ACA Reporting Toolkit, which supplies training, simple instructions, and tools to ensure compliance. Once a month, employers and partners receive a legal alert that covers state and federal changes for ACA, ERISA, IRS, DOL, and all employment laws, as well as an HR Bulletin addressing best practice compliance, HR, or leader topics.

Lastly, many organizations are too small to justify hiring a full-time SPHR-certified human resources professional, so they seek HR experts. At HR Service, Inc., we provide businesses with needed HR expert services, tools, techniques, training, coaching, and outsourcing solutions. We make it a point to provide trustworthy guidance, direction, and best-practice HR and compliance techniques.

Part of our Company Mission is offering solutions that are flexible.

ERISA eSolutions and HR eSolutions providing web-based solution access to employers and partners.

ERISA eSolutions

Using our ERISA eSolutions you can easily create, store and edit the following:

  • Summary Plan Description (SPD) Wraps
  • Employee Notices (CHIP, WHCR, HIPAA, Medicare Part D, etc.)
  • Premium Only Plans (POPs)
  • Summary of Material Modifications (SMMs)
  • Compliance Assessment Tool
  • HIPAA Toolkit

HR eSolutions

Web-based solutions provide the following solutions:

  • HR Help Desk – speak with highly trained professionals
  • Training – supervisor and employee training online
  • Handbook – create and update your employee handbook online
  • HR Compliance Assessment – Know your risk and action needed to eliminate it
  • Total Comp Statements – Show true value of benefits with cash compensation
  • Legal Library – Federal & State employment law solutions
  • HR Templates – Everything needed to run your HR department
  • Job Description Tool – Easily create and store job descriptions

***Both solutions include a monthly emailed legal alert and HR best practice bulletin.

Services for those who prefer to do it on their own, as well as “White Glove” full service, where we do it for you.  We customize your service based on your needs, budget and personal preference.  We provide high quality, personal touch service for all our clients.

Choose Retainer Services or Project by Project Assistance

Our team offers retainer HR Support packages and standalone solutions, including employee handbooks, compliance audits, supervisor training, compensation plan design, employee opinion surveys, performance management systems, appraisals, recruiting assistance, and more.

Furthermore, we help our client achieve their business strategy by improving productivity, growing sales, increases profits by creating state of the art people practices, an awesome place to work and highly engaged employees.

All consultants, managers, and trainers hold professional certifications in state-of-the-art human resource management, organizational behavior, and employment law. Because of this, they can provide people with management solutions and deliver needed services. Many of our consultants hold a Master’s degree in the field of Human Resource Management. Certified within the area with many years of hands-on experience, and we are here to help you.

We offer the following tools and solutions to help build your organization:
  • Keeping Current On Applicable Federal And State Laws.
  • Implementing Ideal Practices To Comply.
  • Policies, Procedures And Practices That Ensure Compliance And Reduce The Risk Of Employee Law Suits Or Regulatory Agency Penalties.
  • Leaders Trained In Compliance, Documentation, Safety And Complaint Response.
  • Staffing And Planning Systems That Ensure The Right Person Is In The Right Place When Needed.
  • Recruiting And Selection Techniques To Find And Select Top Quality Talent.
  • Orientation Systems To Get New Employees Up To Speed Quickly.
  • Defined Career Tracks And Succession Planning.
  • An Employer Brand And Image That Attracts Others To The Business.


  • A Positive And Productive Work Environment Where Employees Exhibit Company Values, Execute Company Strategies And Achieve Objectives. 
  • A Cordial And Friendly Atmosphere Where Employees Can Work Side By Side In A Respectful Fashion With Their Peers To Create An Effective Business Mechanism. 
  • Open, Clear Communication Between Individuals And Departments. Positive Resolution Of Conflict And Differences Of Opinion.
  • Employee Involvement, Teamwork, Motivation, Innovation, Creativity And Commitment. 
  • Perceptions Of Fairness, Job Satisfaction And High Employee Morale.  Strong Internal And External Customer Service.
  • Diverse Team Members Working Together In A Respectful Fashion.
  • Clear Performance Expectations, A Tracking System And Feedback Process For The Company, Work Teams And Individuals. 
  • Performance Assessment, Feedback, Coaching, Goal Setting, Recognition And Reinforcement Techniques.  System Of Positive Corrective Action.
  • Reward And Recognition Systems Which Reinforce Desired Behaviors And Business Outcomes.
  • Competitive Pay, Benefits And Reward Systems That Support Strategy, Drive Desired Results And Behaviors While Being Perceived As Fair And Equitable.
  • The Use Of Best Practices For All Functions And Positions Performed Consistently Throughout The Organization. 
  • Organizational Structure And Workflow Processes That Support Company Strategy, Drive Efficient Operations And Effectively Utilize People Resources.
  • Aligned Human Resource Functions, Tools, Coaching And Support To Execute Strategy, Solve Departmental Challenges And Support Goal Accomplishment.
  • Established Employment And Operations Policies And Procedures Guiding Practices, Behaviors And Decisions. 
  • System Of Continued Improvement That Better Meets Customer Needs (Speed, Quality And Service), And Improves Products And Labor Productivity.
  • Clearly Defined Job Descriptions, Roles, Responsibilities, Duties And Tasks Performed By Each Employee.
  • Highly Skilled Employees And Leaders Matching The Needs Of The Organization With Systems Of Continued Learning And Growth. 
  • Clearly Defined Knowledge, Skills And Abilities Necessary For Each Position. 
  • Skill And Training Needs Assessment Methods.   
  • Training Systems, Mentoring And On-The-Job Training Implementation.  
  • State Of The Art Processes And Techniques For The Following HR Functions:
  • Recruiting, Selection, Hiring & New Employee Orientations
  • Compensation, Rewards & Benefits
  • Performance Management And Assessment
  • Employee Relations
  • Training & Development
  • Safety Programs And Worker’s Compensation Claims
  • Personnel Records, Documentation & File Management
  • Leave Programs Management
  • Grievances, Corrective Actions And Terminations
  • Management Coaching On Employment Practices, Corrective Actions & Employee Issues.
  • Competent, Caring Leaders Who Coach And Guide Individuals And Teams Towards Desired Results And Behaviors.
  • Training And Development Programs That Meet Organizational And People Objectives.
build your infrastructureWe help you build your HR Infrastructure.

Many organizations are too small to justify hiring a full-time SPHR-certified human resources professional. At HR Service, Inc., we provide businesses with needed HR Professionals with the right amount of hands-on HR Support.  Employers can choose their desired target hours that are managed over an entire quarter, allowing for some months to be lower and others higher. We deliver the expert services, tools, techniques, training, coaching and outsourcing solutions. We make it a point to provide trustworthy guidance, direction, and best-practice HR and compliance techniques.

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