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HR is more than filling out the right forms. It’s about getting answers, having someone to lean on and implementing solutions the right way.

The HISTORY of Hr Service, Inc.

In the early 2000’s, Ken Spencer was teaching Human Resources Management PT as an Associate Professor at Westminster College, and found himself at the crossroads wondering how could he make a living doing this? He realized there were thousands of smaller organizations across the country that needed “best practice” HR solutions who couldn’t afford to hire their own full-time professional.

Initially, Ken operated on his own with support from his wife, Kathy. Over the years, additional team members were added as organizations saw the vision of outsourcing HR, growing to a team of almost 50 employees.

Armed with a wealth of knowledge and keen understanding that businesses still require HR support during hard times, Ken embarked on a transformative journey. He laid the foundation for HR Service, Inc., driven by a compelling desire to bridge the gap between expertise and affordability. He wanted to provide professional-level HR and employment law assistance at prices palatable for small enterprises.

While our company has flourished and our influence stretches across the country, our guiding principles remain the same. Every company needs HR. Business size or budget should not prevent access to the benefits of these resources.

What is it About HR Service, Inc.
That Sets Us Apart?


You come first in all we do! We want to be an extension of your organization, providing the best tools and timely support that will drive your success. We listen to your frustrations. We help create a work culture that supports your values. We will always communicate clearly and transparently with you.


We maintain a steadfast resolve to show integrity in all situations and help organizations do the same. It manifests in a willingness to speak up against injustice and make fair, decisive actions when necessary. We handle conflicts with the utmost care. Impeccable honesty demonstrates a workplace culture of trust.


Do you want noticeable results that make a positive impact on your organization? We want to provide an efficient HR infrastructure with policies and procedures that will help attract and retain the top talent in your field. You will enjoy a thriving work culture with high-performing employees.

Why We Do
What We Do

At HR Service, Inc., our mission is simple: We strive to offer HR tools that provide peace of mind. Our commitment shows in offering support to businesses struggling on their own in the murky waters of human resources. Our approach centers on delivering prompt and friendly customer service, ongoing support and service offerings that benefit you. Your success matters to us.

For HR Service, Inc., it’s not just about offering quality HR solutions, it’s also about creating a great place to work. We hope this resonates with you. A happy team results in high productivity and retention. Creating effective HR practices for how you hire, manage people, and pay and communicate with your team results in highly engaged team members and increased business growth. A positive work environment shines through not only to your team members, but in outstanding customer service.

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About HR Service Inc Ken Spencer founder

Ken Spencer
President and CEO

Ken Spencer founded HR Service, Inc. in 2004 to provide state-of-the-art, best practice benefit compliance and HR Solutions for employers across the country. With his amazing team, HR Service has grown to be one of the nation’s leaders in benefit compliance and HR support.

Ken has over 30 years of experience in HR, Compliance and Benefits experience, including teaching HR for eight years at Westminster College. He holds a Master’s Degree in Human Resource Management from the University of Utah and is SPHR certified.

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Are you interested in how HR Service, Inc. can help you streamline your hiring, compliance and legal paperwork for your team?
In a 30-minute, no-pressure, no-hassle call, get your questions answered and see if our DIY solution, or hands-on service is a good fit for you!

Frequently Asked Questions

Compliance is a tricky issue to tackle, but there are a few key benefits to make things easier on you. The key benefits of HR compliance include: training and making sure your company is meeting your legal requirements.

There are many parts involved in HR compliance, but the most important are the Internal Revenue Code, Title VII of the Civil Rights Act, and Title I-XIX of ERISA. IRS is critical because it establishes how employees are taxed for fringe benefits. Title VII is important because it prohibits discrimination in employment practices or conditions of employment on account of race or color, sex, religion, or national origin. ERISA is an act that provides for pension protection and other employee benefits.

The first step is to identify what regulations apply to your company. This can be done through research, talking to professionals or other mentors who have been in the industry a long time. Once you have identified the regulations that need your attention, you need to put together an action plan to achieve compliance. Review all current policies and procedures and make sure they are compliant with any NEW regulations. 


In order to comply with all relevant laws, a company should:

  1. Define the issue or the question that is being raised. 
  2. Identify the applicable law that governs the issue or question.
  3. Review and analyze relevant law to identify obligations and risks.
  4. Put in place measures to address any issues identified.

The most common HR violations are not paying employees on time, not following the minimum age law and not providing adequate breaks. 

A Summary Plan Description (SPD) is a document that employers must give (for free) to employees who participate in Employee Retirement Security Act-covered retirement plans or health benefit plans. This SPD is a detailed guide to the benefits the program provides and how the plan works.

Generally, no. If you only have a Cafeteria Plan, you are not required to file a Form 5500 or Schedule F. However if you have a welfare benefit plan, you may be required under Department of Labor regulations to file a return for that plan.

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