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Layoff Notification Letter Template

This is an example of the type of letter you might write to employees your business is forced to lay off due to economic factors.


To: Employee Name

From: Management/Company Rep

RE: Temporary Layoff Notification

Dear (employee name),

Due to the COVID-19 public health emergency [and recent local/state mandates if applicable], our business has been impacted significantly. As a result, we find that we must make some difficult decisions; therefore, the Company is implementing a temporary layoff of certain positions.

This notice is to inform you that your position is included in this layoff, effective beginning [date]. Due to the uncertainty of the current situation, we are unsure of the length of this layoff; however, we will reassess the circumstances regularly. We will recall laid-off employees as business needs will allow. The temporary layoff period and provisions may be changed or terminated at the sole discretion of the Company and does not create any employment contract, express or implied.

As a result of this layoff, you are eligible to file for unemployment compensation. Please refer to your state’s guidelines for unemployment compensation regarding specific details and provisions surrounding application, eligibility, and collection of benefits. The link for [state] unemployment office is: [insert a link to state UI office]

Your health benefits are effective through the end of the month, and you are eligible for continuation of coverage through COBRA. You will be receiving a COBRA election notice, and you will have the option to elect benefits coverage for you and your dependents with an eligibility start date of (date). Please keep Human Resources advised of any changes in your address or phone number. [insert language if an employer is paying for the cost or portion of COBRA premiums].

Your final paycheck (paid via direct deposit/check), will be paid to you by (date). All accrued PTO will be included on your final paycheck (if applicable) [see state laws and company policy on final pay and PTO payout].

If you find alternate long-term employment during this temporary layoff and do not intend to return to work at (company name), please immediately notify Human Resources or me of your job status change. If the Company is not able to rehire you to employee status, you will be considered to be part of a reduction in force.

During this layoff period, we will communicate any updates and changes as they relate to the reinstatement of jobs based on our business needs.

Please accept our appreciation for all your hard work with (company name) as we try to navigate our business through a difficult time. If you have any questions, please contact me or (name) in Human Resources.

Thank you,

Name of Manager/Company Rep




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