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Client Review by Chris Clifford, Alliance

Client Review by Matt Alder, CEO of ASC

Review by Sara Hansen, HR of QuickTurn

HR Service may be our company’s single most crucial outside vendor. Common sense does not always ‘win the day’ when dealing with HR rules and regulations, and having HR Service at our fingertips for quick answers and guidance through various situations has been invaluable. Additionally, I regularly refer to several of their monthly newsletters regarding such matters as overtime, interviewing guidelines for potential new hires, the building of compliant employee files, record retention guidelines, and much more. Thank you, HR Service!

HR Service has worked with our company for over 5-years. We have used them for in-office training, hiring employees, and for assistance and guidance inappropriately releasing employees. We have had them assist in our Policy and Procedure manuals from review to complete updates to keep us compliant with current laws and governing our business appropriately. They are always available and very responsive to immediate needs. We use them for our two locations and have been delighted with their response, professionalism, and service. We had a challenging release to deal with. HR Service suggested ways to handle this difficulty and worked with us through the entire process. They allowed us to use their office to have neutral ground to issue the release. This made it as comfortable as it could be, with this release, for both parties. We were grateful for their professionalism and guided compassion shown for everyone concerned. We will continue to use HR Services for all our HR needs!

I just wanted to take a min to tell you how much HR Service and our provided HR Business Coach, Deborah, who has helped me since they were blessed into my life. Deborah has been AMAZING!! Any problem I have thrown her way, she has been able to help me with. She has helped us implement and updated our employee handbook. Enabled us to make sure we are compliant with changes to payroll. I have helped with questions concerning employees. And any other need I have come to her with, she has always been impressive. My favorite thing to tell Deborah is to “make me/it sound less hillbilly.” Typing up some compliance paper or something for our employees to read is not my specialty, but Deborah has helped me immensely with this. I love knowing that if I don’t know the answer to a question, an employee or my boss has. I have someone and somewhere to go to get the answer. Having HR services and Deborah is peace of mind for me. Thank you for all of your hard work and help!!!

A Few Clients we have helped

  • Siegfried & Jensen
  • Tix Corporation
  • Snowbird Ski Resort
  • Café Rio
  • Rumbi Island Grill
  • Lehi Roller Mills
  • Qqest Software Systems
  • Mona Vie
  • Peck Striping
  • Concept 1000/Satori
  • Quantronix
  • Varent
  • Cheaters/Bobby Goldstein Productions
  • CP Industries
  • Western States Calibration
  • Spring 2 Technology
  • Access Development
  • J & J Nursery
    Journey Centers
  • Aqua Engineering
  • Investools
  • NDW
  • IHop
  • Wasatch Imaging
  • Honey Grocery Stores
  • Metro Protective Agency
  • Smith Johnson
  • Zevex
  • Ron Jewett Fishing Lodges
  • USA Ski Team
  • Varian Medical Systems
  • Barney Trucking
  • AgParts
  • Hugger Mugger
  • Piney Woods Pellets
  • State Bank of Texas
  • Allied Health Systems
  • Red Leaf
  • American Stone
  • Back to Basics
  • Moxtek
  • Smith Johnson
  • Earthtec
  • Front Gate
  • Amedica Amedica
  • Ashross
  • Precast Concrete Products

We are proud of our 98 percent referral rate!

Jeff Vanek – Director of Compliance & Employee Service, Zions Securities Corporation
I found the information on “showing appreciation as means to motivating employees” in Ken’s presentation to be very helpful. I also appreciated the information he shared on training managers in people skills. Although technical skill is necessary, a manager fails or succeeds on how they manage their people.

Olivia Booth – Human Resources Manager, Mona Vie
HR Service, Inc. has been such a great resource to our company helping us with all Human Resource measures needed to get a new developing company, like Mona Vie up and going. Human Resources is such an important foundation. HR Service, Inc. has been a great aid in educating, providing forms and resources needed to make this company successful and in getting us moving forward on our own two feet. I appreciate all that they have done.

Ryan Peterson – Co-Director of Public Relations, SLSHRM
Ken Spencer from HR Service Inc. provided a most dynamic presentation on Re-Igniting Employee Performance & Motivation to our Salt Lake SHRM membership on June 13, 2006. The presentation discussed the causes of employee burnout, as well as solutions including appreciation, participation, and feedback. This timely information is just what our members needed to hear, when they needed to hear it! I personally enjoyed Ken’s interactive style. Thanks Ken!

Clark Skeen – President, CUBISCAN
“HR Service, Inc. has been very helpful in addressing our need for out-sourced HR management expertise. Our assigned human resource expert, combines significant business experience with a thorough and up-to-date knowledge of theory and trends. He is easy to work with and has provided guidance and deliverable’s that have benefited our business greatly.”


Nancy Workman –  President and CEO, Sandy Area Chamber of Commerce

HR Service, Inc. has been a tremendous help to the Sandy Area Chamber of Commerce. They have given us excellent advice that has enabled us to avoid problems with our personnel and to make excellent hires and motivate our employees. With their guidance, our employees are not just putting in a day’s work; they are committed to serving the members. They have a passion and are excited about the Chamber and its mission to help businesses grow and prosper. HR Service has provided far more value than we ever anticipated. A small business needs an HR Service to keep in compliance with the legal requirements. But HR can also help you make great hires, train, and motivate people to excel.

Marcelene Cook – Human Resource Manager, Rumbi Island Grill

Rumbi Island Grill initially hired HR Service, Inc. to help develop our base and incentive compensation programs and performance appraisal system. We were so pleased with the results that our working relationship continued with them providing on-going human resource management coaching, employee handbook design and legal compliance assistance. I strongly recommend HR Service, Inc. and have appreciated their help as we developed our human resource management systems and practices. I have taken an employment law class and received other training from their President, Ken Spencer, and found this training very valuable for our organization, as well as for myself.

Tom Chamberlain President –  Hugger Mugger

Hugger Mugger, a yoga products manufacturing and distribution organization, selected HR Service, Inc. to provide our human resource management support so we could perform this function without having to hire a full-time manager. We are happy with the results we have received with our hiring practices, policies and procedures, pay practices, and employee relations over the past two years. This service is invaluable in helping with numerous employee challenges and providing reliable human resource management results. HR Service also helped us clarify our business plans, which resulted in improved sales and profits in 2006.

Clients We Have Partnered With
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