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Third Party Benefits Administration - TPA

Third-Party Benefits Administrators (TPAs) are prominent players in the health care industry and have the expertise and capability to administer all or a portion of the claims process. They are normally contracted by a health insurer or self-insuring companies to administer services, including claims administration, premium collection, enrollment, and other administrative activities. A hospital or provider organization desiring to set up its own health plan will often outsource certain responsibilities to a third-party administrator.

Outsourcing employee benefits services is an excellent idea for businesses looking to attract skilled and experienced staff to their organization. Benefits are what any professional severe looks out for before joining an organization.

They are the motivation for employees to work at the highest level of their efficiency, and facilitate higher retention of staff. Without benefits, your company loses its ability to attract the most skilled personnel and fades away in the job market. Benefits also show employees that the company values its association with them.

Employee Benefits Third Party Administrators (TPA)

The use of employee benefits third-party administrators (TPAs) is one of the hottest trends in insurance today. According to the Society of Professional Benefits Administrators (SPBA) 66 percent of all U.S. workers are covered under self-funded plans, most of which are managed by independent, third-party administrators. But what do you look for in a TPA? If you’re an independent agent, here are some things to consider.

  • Your first step is to determine the needs of your clients.
  • Who are your target customers? And what types of workers do they have?
  • Determine if your customers are fully insured, minimum premium or self-funded.
  • Then, find out what size of self-funded groups they have: small (50-200 employees), mid-sized (200 to 2,000) or large (more than 2,000). *This is important because TPAs that serve only large corporations may not be inclined to give proper attention to a company group of 75 employees.
  • Employees kept waiting for insurance cards for two months after enrolling, for example, will complain to their chief financial officer or human resources administrator.
  • Finally, determine whether your target customers are in a single state or if they are spread out. Also, find out what capabilities are important to them. Do they need a provider with online capabilities? Do they need a TPA that can provide self-service for employees? Are they looking for one that provides real-time information on claims?

When it comes to TPA Services, we have plans for all groups and company sizes

Benefits Administration TPA Services

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