The Positive Power of Humor in the Workplace

The Positive Power of Humor in the Workplace

In a recent survey of 551 HR professionals, 62% of them indicated Culture Change as a priority change project going on in their organizations (Global Change Research). This is important because research has shown that the revenue grown of positive cultures increases by 682% versus 166% for weak cultures. In addition to that, stock appreciation increases by 901% for positive cultures versus 74% for weak cultures (Harvard Business School). So what drives culture in the workplace? It’s the people. In the book, People People, author Scott Christopher describes the taxonomy of people.

  1. Type I
  • “Traditional” people person
  • Outgoing, affable
  • Charming, funny
  • Prefer the ‘human’ touch
  • Superficial
  • Tangible, visible qualities
  • Need to be with others
  • Good with people
  1. Type II
  • May not be outgoing, even a little antisocial
  • May be a bit (too) quiet and serious
  • Latent, below the surface people qualities
  • Sincere/authentic
  • Truly CARE about others
  • Good to people
  1. Type III
  • Good with and good to people
  • Extroverts and lampshade wearers who’ve learned to put people first
  • Quiet, but caring people who’ve blossomed socially and developed people skills
  • Blend of Social and Solo
  • A real people person


A people person (T3) excels in Communication, Authenticity, Respect and Enjoyment. The purpose of this bulletin is to focus on Enjoyment or levity in the workplace.

By Holly Young, HR Coach, HR Service, Inc.

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