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While [insert company name] (“the Company”) does not have a telecommuting policy in place, we are providing you the ability to telecommute due to current events and unforeseen circumstances.  This policy is a short-term, temporary solution of which the policy is not mandated but suggested. You can elect to continue working in the office should you decide it’s a better fit for your situation. This telecommuting arrangement will begin on _________ and shall remain in effect until _________.  The Company is permitted to change these dates at any given time. Again, is a short-term telecommuting arrangement and the Company reserves the right to terminate the telecommuting arrangement at any time.


Your performance will be measured and monitored, and previously established performance measures or Key Performance Indicators (KPIs), which should be equivalent to the performance output generated when working in an office. Work should be prioritized by identifying those results that are most crucial and those that can be deferred; and analyzing how objectives support workgroup goals. All employees are to maintain the same work schedule, days, and work hours, making sure you are available and accessible to your customer, team members, and Supervisor during regular business days and hours, regardless of work location.  

Work Area & Safety

Your work area should be set up and located in an area that is free of distractions and other family members, guests, or friends.  Work hours are not to be used to watch children, perform household tasks, socialize, rest or engage in other personal pursuits while working on paid time.  You agree to use Paid Time Off (PTO), vacation, or time off without pay for all personal activities. You are responsible for taking any precautions necessary to secure privileged information in the home and to prevent unauthorized access to any Company system from home, as well as to abide by all applicable safety and health regulations to ensure your working environment is safe.  The remote workspace is considered an extension of the company workplace, and the designated space should be maintained in a safe condition and free from hazards to people and equipment.

Additionally, the employee must follow all work-related injuries, accident reporting, and safety practices and policies. Failure on the employee’s part to practice safe workspace practice may result in denial of workers’ compensation should the employee sustain a work-related injury.  The employee remains liable for damages to third persons and/or family members that occur on personal premises and properties.

Company Equipment

Any equipment that the Company provides to an employee as part of a telecommuting arrangement shall remain the property of the Company, and the Company will maintain that equipment. This equipment must be used for business purposes only. No personal data is to be stored on company equipment, and conversely, Company information is not be stored on

personal equipment, computers, mobile devices, or storage devices. Depending on the circumstances, the employee may be responsible for any theft, damage, or loss of property belonging to the Company.  Continue to follow all Company policies regarding computer use and not uploading of unauthorized software.

The following is a list of the Company equipment you will be permitted to take with you to use while telecommuting.  Employees will return any Company-owned equipment the Company site location upon the termination of the telecommuting arrangement.  The organization will not be liable for your costs, including, but not limited to, any investment in furniture or equipment for the designated work-space.  Any costs covered by Company must have advanced approval by your Supervisor.

  ___ Computer           ___ Power supply                    ___ Mouse                 ___ Cell phone

  ___ Printer                ___ Keyboard                          ___ Monitor                ___ Headset

Other: ___________________________________________________________________

Tracking Nonexempt Hours

Nonexempt, telecommuting employees are held to the scheduled hours tracking and overtime requirements of the Fair Labor Standards Act. All nonexempt personnel is to accurately record all work time promptly and accurately as a condition of continued participation in the telecommuting agreement. Your Supervisor must approve, in advance, any hours worked more than your regularly scheduled daily and weekly hours as outlined within local, state, and federal requirements.

At-Will Employer

This telecommuting arrangement does not change the basic terms and conditions of employment with the Company. Telecommuting agreement, unless explicitly stating otherwise in writing, does not alter or modify the current at-will employment relationship between the telecommuter and the Company. The Company reserves the right to change or revoke this telecommuting agreement at any time with or without notice at the Company’s discretion.

By signing below, you agree to all Companies requirements outlined within the telecommuting agreement.

EMPLOYEE NAME (PRINTED)                                                                              






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