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Benefit Compliance Risk Assessment Tool

Utilize this Free Tool for your Open Enrollment Efforts

Health Benefit Compliance Risk Assessment is a concern for many employers.

The level and extent of HIPAA compliance requirements vary based on whether your company is considered a “covered entity”. However, even businesses not considered covered entities and those excluded from HIPAA requirements should still take basic steps to ensure the protection of employee’s information (Read more about HIPPA Compliance here).

With this tool just answer simple Yes or No questions to determine your client’s HR compliance risk score. Then print out a professional report in PDF format that outlines detailed tasks that they need to complete to become compliant.

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Why is Being Compliant Important?

Organizations must be aware of the laws and regulations governing employees, benefits and employment decisions to avoid costly penalties and maintaining a positive reputation. Human resources management must comply with relevant legislation applicable to the location of the industry where they operate. This includes federal and state laws that relate to various aspects of HR  (read more about compliance here).

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