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Focusing on your highest HR priority, we can help you build your HR Infrastructure and deliver any needed HR Solutions

Offering more hands-on assistance, this package helps build and sustain your HR infrastructure with support from our entire team of experts. In addition to services performed in the Compliance Basics and HR Support packages, this program helps perform HR functions like: employee relations, compensation, recruiting, training, legal compliance, performance improvement, safety, orientations and more.  Emphasis is given to helping leaders perform their people management practices within the law and using best practice HR techniques.  In reality, supervisors are the real HR Managers.

HR Solution Summary:

  • Drive the company’s desired strategy, objectives and behaviors with best practice people management techniques.

  • Attract, hire and retain the right people, when needed.

  • Build a culture and environment that supports the business strategy and objectives.

  • Pay the right amount using the right pay methods creating perceptions of fairness, engagement and motivation.

  • Comply with the many employment laws and regulations.

  • Reduce administrative hassles.

  • Increase productivity and effectiveness.

  • Grow and develop employees and managers

Based on your particular needs, we target a full-service support package with set support hours each month performing many, if not all of your HR functions.

Targeted Monthly Hours

(1/4 day per week) Hours: 8
(1/3 day per week) Hours: 12
(1/2 day per week) Hours: 17
(1 day per week) Hours: 34
(3 days, 4 hours per day) Hours: 52
Any Option Needed for your Business 100