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Leader Handbook

A leader handbook is one of the best tools to use to build a strong company. A leader handbook can be used by new members to get up-to-speed quickly on how the company operates. The book should include all of the pertinent information about how to do your job, but it should also show employees what is important to the company so they will want to buy into this vision and help achieve it.

Leaders need this handbook as a resource for themselves, because it’s easy for them to forget things that are important too. It’s also an excellent resource for anyone who might need some help setting priorities or figuring out how something should be done.

Leaders can make or break an organization with their actions and words. Protect your company by educating your team. The Leader Handbook is a must-have! 

The Leader Handbook is a must-have for leaders at all levels in the organization, providing them with best practice guidelines and techniques for virtually every employment situation and practice. With this, you can easily guide decisions with confidence, fairness, and consistency. Also, Policy and procedure guidelines that communicate relevant expectations are taught. The handbook with help guide decisions, govern employment practices, therefore; creating a real work environment. 

We offer both a template and a customized handbook option for your convenience — also, all guidelines are outlined in a non-confusing manner where it’s easy to comprehend. We ensure your leaders will understand and retain the information provided within the handbook. Lastly, they will find it useful in creating new leadership skills. 

What Does a Leader Handbook Need to Include?

A leader handbook contains the company’s vision and direction, the company’s values, policies on topics such as performance management, discipline procedures and business conduct standards. It also includes all necessary contact details of the key people in the organization, such as the CEO or HR manager.

  • Mission, Vision & Core Values Determination
  • Supervisor Competencies, Advanced Leader Skills, Relationships with Employees
  • Staffing, Interviewing & Selection
  • Set Staffing Levels in addition to Staff Approvals, Personnel Requisition Form, Defining Hiring Criteria, Recruitment and Negligent Hiring
  • Reviews, Interviewing References, Testing Final Selection, and Employment Offers
  • Exempt vs. Non-Exempt Determination
  • Orientation and New Hire Orientation Forms
  • Pay Objectives, Job Analysis & Job Descriptions, Pay Procedures and  Compensation Communication
  • Employee Relations & Recognition
  • Recognition Program and Recognition Nomination Form
  • Service Awards Program
  • Performance Management and Performance Improvement Form
  • Performance Appraisals
  • Common Errors & Tendencies Documentation, Annual Performance Plans and Annual Performance Plan Forms
  • Disciplinary/Corrective Action, Procedures for Positive Discipline Techniques and Performance Improvement Forms
  • Documentation, Employee Files, Performance Data and Confidential Information
  • Harassment Complaint Handling
  • Terminations
  • Voluntary Reduction in Force Discharge, Winning Unemployment Claims, Wrongful Termination and Exit Interviews
  • Employee Retention
  • Employment-At-Will Maintenance

Organizations looking to get the most out of their resources should consider hiring a professional. The content created will be more valuable than what would be created by an individual, because it has been written by a knowledgeable expert in the industry. A leader handbook can improve company culture and build employee satisfaction. It can also provide valuable information for both employees and customers. However, not every organization hires someone to create their handbook, so many times these organizations are left with an incomplete document. Let us help with your Leader Handbook. Give us a call today.

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