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Why is a Leader Handbook Important to Own?

Leaders can make or break an organization with their actions and words. Protect your company by educating your team. The Leader Handbook is a must-have!

The Leader Handbook is a must-have for leaders at all levels in the organization, providing them with best practice guidelines and techniques for virtually every employment situation and practice. With this, you can easily guide decisions with confidence, fairness, and consistency. Also, Policy and procedure guidelines that communicate relevant expectations taught. The handbook with help guide decisions, govern employment practices, therefore; creating a real work environment.

We offer both a template and a customized handbook option for your convenience — also, all guidelines outlined in a non-confusing manner where it’s easy to comprehend. We ensure your leaders will understand and retain the information provided within the handbook. Lastly, they will find it useful in creating new leadership skills. 

What Does a Leader Handbook Need to Include?

Your Leader Handbook Should Include the Following:

Topic:  Introduction

  • Mission, Vision & Core Values
  • Supervisor Competencies
  • Leader Skills Advanced Leader Skills
  • Relationships with Employees
  • Staffing, Interviewing & Selection
  • Setting Staffing Levels addition to Staff Approval Personnel Requisition Form, Defining Hiring Criteria Recruitment and Negligent Hiring Resume 
  • Reviews Interviewing References, Testing Final Selection, and Employment Offers Exempt vs. Non-Exempt Determination
  • Orientation
  • New Hire Orientation Form
  • Compensation
  • Pay Objectives Job Analysis & Job Descriptions Pay Procedures Comp. Communications
  • Employee Relations & Recognition
  • Recognition Program Recognition Nomination Form
  • Service Awards Program
  • Performance Management
  • Performance Improvement Form
  • Performance Appraisals
  • Common Errors & Tendencies Documentation Annual Performance Plans Annual Performance Plan Form
  • Disciplinary/Corrective Action
  • Procedures of Positive Discipline Techniques Performance Improvement Form
  • Documentation
  • Employee Files Performance Data Confidential Information
  • Harassment Complaint Handling
  • Terminations
  • Voluntary Reduction in Force Discharge Winning Unemployment Claims Wrongful Termination Exit Interviews
  • Retention
  • Employment-At-Will Maintenance
  • Handling of Harassment Complaints

According the the Harvard Review, the critical leadership practices -the ones that will allow a leader to make the biggest impact over time–are well established. They’re about how you create a vision and inspire others to follow it. How you make difficult strategic choices. How you lead innovation. How you get results. These fundamental skills are even more important today as organizations and teams become increasingly networked, virtual, agile, fast-moving, and socially conscious.

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