Keeping Employees Engaged During The Holidays

Keeping Employees Engaged During The Holidays

The holiday season creates many distractions that can impact employee productivity and engagement. We all enjoy celebrating the holiday season, and — handled correctly — you can have some fun at work while keeping employees engaged at the same time. Most employers are looking to finish off the calendar year with an increase in sales, profits, and productivity and can’t afford a slowdown in November and December. The following techniques will help you keep employees engaged and productive through the holidays and beyond.


In the book, Engagement by Allegiance, it states: “Engagement is the emotional bond that employees have with your business.” Employees who are engaged work with passion, are results-oriented, are confident, take pride in their organization, and are committed to doing whatever it takes to help their company be successful. Engagement is a measure of an employee’s commitment, job satisfaction, feelings of purpose, job commitment, and discretionary effort. In his article “The Drivers of Employee Engagement” Robinson D. Perryman found the following behaviors in engaged employees: 1) belief in the organization, 2) desire to work to make things better, 3) understanding of business context and the “bigger picture”, 4) respectful of and helpful to colleagues, 5) willingness to “go the extra mile” and 6) a belief in the organization’s products and services.

Disengaged employees, on the other hand, not only reduce productivity and are unhappy at work, but they also actively undermine the work of engaged employees. Which do you want to work for you?

Organizations must work to keep employees engaged. David Zinger states, “Employee engagement is created through caring connections with others in the workplace and connections to our work.”

Balancing with Engagement Actions

As organizations, we need to counter balance distraction during the holiday season by providing employees with the opportunity to engage.

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