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Help your company develop and manage its HR practices.

Customized HR Solutions

Identify risks and actions needed to eliminate them with this dashboard tool.

Focus on the critical job skills required for leaders and team members. Address sexual harassment issues head-on.

Easily create and maintain job descriptions for all positions in your organization.

We provide an HR professional to answer all industry-related questions and guide you through your difficult challenges.

Train supervisors to handle complaints, prevent retaliation and resolve conflicts.
We train employees in how to create an environment free of harassment.

We act as your HR manager at a fraction of the cost of hiring in-house. We work on your highest level, people-management needs, helping you create a successful business.

Evaluate your existing work environment and assess employee feedback in critical areas. Our anonymous survey shows your willingness to make positive changes.

Human resources can be a time consuming process to unravel. Pass along your projects to someone who can help you make sense of the mess.

Communicate clearly and consistently with your workforce. When you set expectations and obligations in print, it keeps everyone safe and on track.

We help you find, hire and onboard the right talent in an effective way. Let us help you set up and build your infrastructure for hiring.

Optimize employee productivity, foster growth within your organization, and align individual and business goals using performance management systems.

Everything You Need In One Place

Even simple mistakes could cost you lengthy lawsuits or hefty fines. With so many employment laws and regulations, keeping up with important HR compliance due dates is difficult. When you partner with HR Service, Inc., we allow you to manage a successful company while we handle the HR, compliance and employment law issues.

You will never miss an important date again! Our comprehensive solutions help you understand the intricacies of HR and make it doable.

We eliminate the overwhelm with an automated system and easy-to-use platform that simplify small business HR, helping you make smarter daily decisions.

Streamline your processes with all-in-one HR tools, templates, and guidance at your fingertips. We hand you the roadmap to oversee your entire HR department effectively.

These valuable resources equip you with the knowledge to foster a culture of growth, engagement, and compliance. Explore our Compliance Menu to discover tailored solutions that will propel your business to the next level.

Take the First Steps to Improve
Your Workplace HR

1. Reach Out for Assistance

We understand that the ins and outs of HR management can quickly overwhelm a person. There’s no need to stay that way! Contact us! We can place you on the path to determine the areas where your business does well, and what services might benefit you.

2. Clarify Your Needs

Whether you have assumed all HR responsibilities yourself or you have retained an HR specialist in the past, our ongoing HR services can help! There is no “one-size-fits-all” approach to HR management. Let’s map out your individual needs and the areas that could use some assistance.

3. Set Yourself Up to Succeed

A business that runs efficiently begins with an effective plan. You’ll find that we can adapt our HR services to best fit your company. We offer a variety of online HR tools to supplement your needs. Let us help find ways to simplify your processes and fill in any gaps.

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…Having HR services at our fingertips for quick answers and guidance through various situations has been invaluable.

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HR Service, Inc., A Value-Driven Company

When organizations hit hard times, usually the HR department is the first to go. With reductions in the workforce, organizations tend to fumble with HR compliance and employment laws on their own.

Small businesses might not have an HR option at all. That’s where we step in! HR Service, Inc. gives you reliable and purposeful HR solutions. We lend you peace of mind by giving prompt, friendly customer service with patience and empathy. Because of our experiences working in and teaching HR, we understand the difficulties and intricacies involved. With over 20,000 clients all across the nation, and over 20 years of experience, we can confidently assist you as you grow. We’ve seen it all!

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Comprehensive HR Solutions That Cover a Spectrum of Needs

Our range of services take the pressure off of you. Let us navigate the tangle of changing laws and regulations. We will provide valuable education to help your business become all that you intended. Take the first step today.


Moving Us Forward

“HR Service, Inc. has been such a great resource to our company helping us with all Human Resource measures needed to get a new developing company, like Mona Vie up and going. Human Resources is such an important foundation. HR Service, Inc. has been a great aid in educating, providing forms and resources needed to make this company successful and in getting us moving forward on our own two feet. I appreciate all that they have done.”

HR Director of Mona Vie


Take the First Step To Experience Peace
regarding Your HR Compliance

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This simple assessment will help you evaluate your HR policies and procedures. In a few minutes, you’ll be able to determine which aspects of your HR compliance might need a little boost.

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