HR Help Desk

HR Help Desk

How it works:

What to do:

  • Call (855) 447-3375 x 3 to speak with a highly trained human resource professional for assistance with virtually any people management challenge, legal compliance issue, performance challenge, conflict or best practice technique.
  • We walk you through step-by-step techniques and practices to help you optimize and resolve any situation or decision. You are only charged for the help you receive.

HRhotline(855) 447-3375 x3

Common Hot-Line Call Challenges:

  • Any employee related question, threat, challenge or opportunity.
  • Is termination the answer? If yes, how do I handle the termination discussion?
  • Am I operating within the many specific employment laws?
  • How do I deal with a disgruntled employee?
  • How do I handle conflict between two or more employees?
  • How and when should I discipline an employee?
  • How do I respond to an unemployment claim?
  • How do I handle employee complaints?

More Details:

  • Telephone or E-mail HR Solutions at your finger tips.
  • Employee solutions, employment compliance guidance and HR best practice techniques, are only a phone call away. Receive fast, professional people management solutions from experts trained in employment law and human resource management techniques.
  • No annual fees or bundled services, you are only charged for the help you need.

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