Giving Thanks in 2020

Giving Thanks in 2020

Another year is almost at an end, and — as with any year — 2020 has brought with it challenges. Between natural and human-created impacts like hurricanes, tornadoes, earthquakes, fires, racial unrest, and the pandemic, people all across the world and from every walk of life have been impacted in some way. As I see it, the only real difference between this year and other years is the extent to which each of us as individuals has to look to find hope and goodness from within while accounting for the challenges each of us has faced in 2020.

In this bulletin, rather than focusing on the many employment and HR topics with which we have been overwhelmed this year, I elected to go a different route. I hope you appreciate and enjoy the message intended. I sought out from individuals with whom I work those things they are grateful for this year and am sharing them with you in the hopes it will bring a smile to your face and warmth to your heart.

Things to be grateful for:

• I am grateful for my family, my friends, my work colleagues, and to those seeking out an effective solution to the current crisis.
• Thankful for my healthy, growing family! I am thankful for the wonderful people that made my “Pandemic Pregnancy” feel special and a little less lonely!
• I am thankful for being healthy and employed!
• I am thankful for the kindness of others. It seems like so many acts of kindness have come my way this year. From people donating to my chicken project to just small acts of love. Yesterday, for example: When I went to my mailbox, I had a package. My friend sent me 6 pieces of assorted Baqlawa (the Arabic word for Baklava, which happens to be my favorite thing in the whole world). My friend is Turkish and has her own shop called Bohemian Baklava. She sent a message that said simply: “It is a treat!!! Just enjoy it.” I think every time someone shows kindness it cancels out something negative in the Universe. So, here is to tipping the balance for good!!!!
• My husband…. I do not even know where to start… He juggles so much, school, work, wife, daughter, national guard… sometimes the stress is so high that all we can do is to hang tight and get through things…together. We hold each other trying to make each other smile and look in a positive direction. This was a rough year for everyone, and for some even more so… I am thankful that we still have our health, our jobs, a roof over our heads, and food on the table every day. The rule we live by always passes the good to someone else, give to who is in need.
• I am thankful for good coffee and even better chocolate.
• I am thankful for the wonderful partner and client relationships we have developed where we have the opportunity to provide service that impacts the lives of others.
• Wow, this really made me stop and ponder. Giving Thanks in 2020, that could be tough! I think this year it is especially poignant to stop and count your blessings and find hope and grace in all things big and small. There is the usual – I am thankful for – God, my family, my home, my friends, my coworkers, my job, my neighbors, my pets, my health, my education, my abundance. With everything going on this year though, my thankful list expands….I’m thankful for our medical providers, emergency responders, fireman, scientists, teachers, farmers, ranchers, for grocery stores, for medicine, our US Constitution, my rights as an American citizen, for honesty and decency, for the opportunities to serve others, for laughter and for hope.
• My dogs, they are always there waiting for me, tails wagging. They do not judge me; they accept me for who I am.
• I am grateful that my college kids get to be out in the world learning and advancing themselves despite a pandemic. It will make them stronger, smarter, and more resilient as they learn to navigate becoming independent adults in an unprecedented time.
• I am thankful for the good things that come out of even the worst of situations. A big example is having been able to adjust work and personal life around the pandemic. It has forced us to change the way we do things, enabling us to find new ways to get things done. It has also made me focus more on family and friends – the things that are really important.

giving thanks in 2020

Through all the ugliness, pain, fear, and disbelief, there is so much good to be found. I would encourage you to add your own item of thanks to this article and share it with a friend, colleague, stranger or loved one. Even further, take a moment to implement this exercise with your teams. Whether you work in the office or remote, employees can take a minute to focus on the positive and share those with their colleagues via email, IM (Instant Messaging) or chat. Also take time to share a smile with a stranger, a kind word with a neighbor, to watch a sunrise or sunset, and to draw a deep breath because you can.

In closing, I will add my own thanks for all those things for which I am truly grateful; they are too numerous to list here. I will simply say I am grateful for the ability to help others, to be able to pick up the phone or drive down the street and see or speak with someone dear to me, knowing that they are and will be there for me. I am fortunate to be surrounded by love, hope, and kindness. To know that even on the worst of days, there is something with which to hold onto and to which holds me in hope of good things to come.

We here at HR Service are beyond grateful to all our clients and partners for their trust in us and the services we provide. Thank you for allowing us to serve you to help make HR simple and keeping you compliant.

Prepared by Deborah Siddoway
Director of HR Solutions, HR Service.

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