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Drug Testing and Background Checks

A criminal background search can clear away any suspicion with a quick and simple peek into a person’s past. At the same time, employee drug testing has gained significant importance in companies as it helps to find out drug abuse problems among employees and promotes a healthy environment.


Exaggerating education and records are sometimes known to happen, especially when there is tough competition. The employment background check can help. Background checks can also provide clues to the employee or job applicant’s personality and disposition, aiding in determining their appropriateness for the job. 


The employer has the legal responsibility of providing reasonable protection to every employee while they are at work. Background checks help to alert employers to people who could have the potential to harm their colleagues.


Companies providing services to children, juveniles, health, and the elderly must conduct employment background checks. Government jobs requiring security clearances also necessitate pre-employment background checks to ensure compliance.

Corporate Fraud

Employers need to be assured that the people they hire do not pose risks to national security. Pre-employment background checks are necessary before hiring somebody who will be privy to sensitive information. The exposure of the fraudulent practices of several corporate executives also motivated some companies to include background checks in the recruitment process.

It’s Easy

Though pre-employment background checks can be done by the employer himself, soliciting professional help is still the best way to go. This is because professional background check providers assure the accuracy and completeness of the reports they provide by using all available public information.

Background Checks Q&A


What If There Is a Mistake on the Credit History Portion of a Background Check?

The applicant has specific rights outlined in the summary of rights, which must be provided to the background check subject. This is specified in the Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA). The applicant, employer, or whoever is requesting the background check should inquire and investigate it.

Do I Need a “Release” Form from the Subject of the Background Check?

You should obtain a release from any person of a background check. Be sure to keep a copy of a signed release form for your files. Also, be sure the background check subject receives a “Summary of Rights” required by the Fair Credit Reporting Act with their copy of the signed release form.

Drug Testing for Employers

Employees can be requested to go to a certified lab, and the results are typically available within a day. 


Employee drug testing increases the safety at the job and maintains a safe and secure environment. Conducting pre-employment drug testing can prevent addicted persons from joining the organization and spoil the working environment. Random employee drug testing prevents existing employees from abusing any drug before coming to the workplace.

A drug-free environment in organizations promotes positivity and integrity, discipline and professionalism. Removing addicted employees ensures that there will be more minor workplace conflicts, unscrupulous behavior at workplaces. Firing addicted employees will also show other employees that the company has a zero-tolerance policy.

What are the different types of Drug Tests?

• Pre-employment drug tests – Conducted on job applicants to make sure that drug abusers do not join the organization

• Post-accident drug tests – Conducted on employees involved in serious accidents or incidents on the job to determine if substance abuse was a contributing factor

• Random drug tests – Conducted on employees on a random basis to deter drug abuse among employees; one or two employees are picked up randomly to take tests

• Reasonable suspicion tests – Conducted on employees after observing patterns of possible drug use, symptoms of being under the influence of illicit drugs

• Treatment follow-up drug tests – Conducted on employees who have returned to work after participating in a drug rehabilitation program to ensure they are abstaining from substance abuse

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