Creating a Great Place to Work Day Two

Create Effective People Management Practices

Align all people practices (HR Infrastructure) to drive and support the kind of work place you desire.

  • Hiring & Recruiting

    – Recruit and hire people who best fit with the desired job traits, culture, abilities and other qualifications.

  • New Hire Orientation

    – Help new employees understand upfront the culture and expectations.

  • Performance Management

    – Define key performance indicators, goals, values and behavior expectations that represent the desired work place. Reinforce and hold people accountable for exhibiting desired “great place to work” behaviors and results.  Quickly resolve employee performance issues in a positive fashion, not through punishment, helping them to succeed.

  • Employee Policies & Procedures

    – Make sure employee policies and procedures support and align with the company’s values and culture.

  • Training & Development, Compensation Management, Employee Benefits, Compliance, Safety, Employee Relations & other HR functions

    –Make sure you have best practice HR approaches and techniques built into how you perform all HR/people practices, and that they align and reinforce your work environment.

  • Keep Pulse on Engagement, Morale & Perceptions

    – Conduct regular opinion surveys and use other means to keep tabs on perceptions and attitudes. Assess employees’ perceptions regularly, then involve them in defining root causes, generating ideas to make improvements and letting them be a part of the solution.  Also, conduct leader assessments, providing leaders with input on how they are being perceived.

Track Key People Measures

Establish and track measures that help you know when things are going well and when problems are present. Track turnover, attendance, goal-attainment and performance indicators for each position. When numbers vary, assess what’s happening and make needed adjustments. Conduct exit interviews when people leave to obtain insight on your work culture and possible needed changes.

Supervisors – The Key

The best efforts to create a great place to work can quickly come to a screeching halt if all supervisors are not onboard or are not trained in best practice people management techniques. Leaders must “walk the talk”, showing obvious support for your work environment, people practices and any changes taking place. Leaders are also key in reinforcing desired behaviors and results, holding their employees accountable for making your company a great place. What they say and do greatly impacts your work environment and employee engagement.

Creating a great place to work does not happen overnight but with persistence, and with the use of great people management practices it will become a reality.

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