Corrective Action & Discharges

Corrective Action and Discharge

Professional Standards

When employees are not meeting expectations or rules have been broken, we show how to take corrective action in a professional, non-attacking manner. We help establish procedures and guidelines to ensure consistency, fairness and employment compliance.


  • Procedures, forms and processes for taking corrective actions, up to and including, discharge terminations
  • Exit interview questionnaire to gather important information from terminating employees
  • Turnover tracking system and analysis
  • Termination checklists and forms
  • Winning unemployment claims guidelines, filling out Department of Labor responses and preparing to defend terminations
  • Protecting against wrongful terminations and preserving “At-Will” status


  • Clear policy guidelines on when and how to take corrective action
  • Addressing performance challenges in a positive fashion, without causing defensiveness, low morale or legal trouble
  • When and how to discharge employees
  • Winning unemployment insurance claims