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Compliance Basics


Emailed Solutions

PPACA Health Care Reform Requirements

Receive step-by-step instructions on employer actions and requirements to comply with the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act and other health care laws.

Employment Law Updates

Stay informed of federal and state employment law changes and needed actions to comply.

Legal Due Date Reminders

Receive compliance date reminders such as PPACA, OSHA posting, EEO-1 Report filing, VETS 100 filing, and more. Never miss another deadline.

HR Solutions Newsletter

Receive a monthly two page newsletter covering one key leader, human resources, or compliance topic to help you and your leaders stay on top of people leadership issues, techniques, and employment compliance.

Web-Accessed Solutions

Employee Notice Generator (All-in-one)

Receive an all-in-one employee notice report to distribute to employees which is customized based on notices that apply. Depending upon company size and other criteria, you may be required to provide employees with notices such as: Medicare Part D, CHIP, Women’s Health & Cancer Rights, HIPAA, COBRA Rights, FMLA and others. This service also provides template qualifying event notices such as COBRA, FMLA, Medical Child Support Order Notice, and HIPAA Breach.

• COBRA (initial notice) or state continuation
• CHIP – Child Health Insurance Plan
• HIPAA – Health Insurance Portability Act
• WHCRA – Womens Health & Cancer Rights Act
• MHPA – Mental Health & Parity Act
• Grandfathered Plan Notice
• Health Exchange Notice
• NMHPA – Newborns & Mothers Health Protection Act
• Medicare Part D
• Wellness Program Disclosure
• Special Enrollment Rights
• GINA – Genetic Information Non-Discrimination Act
• FMLA – Family Medical Leave Act
• USERRA – Uniformed Services Employment & Reemployment Act

HR Solutions

Training Articles – Access all past best-practice articles on compliance, HR and leadership to improve your practices.

HR Forms & Templates – Every form, document and template needed to run your human resources department.

Supervisor Training – People management training for supervisors on such things as: interviewing, managing performance, handing corrective actions, terminations, handling complaints, motivation, engagement and more.

Compliance Resources – Legal library, compliance calendar, tools, resources and past legal updates.

Benefit Administration – COBRA, ACA, tools and resources.

Job Descriptions – Multiple job descriptions, job analysis and tools to create customized job descriptions.

Health Exchange Notice

Our Web-based system automatically creates and emails this notice for distribution.

HIPAA Compliance Kit

Receive guidance, policies, forms, training and tools needed to comply with HIPAA.

New Hire Forms

Receive the latest new hire forms and documents such as W-4, I-9, W-9, and job application all in one simple location.

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