Compliance Basics Plus+

HR Service Inc

Keep current with

PPACA, employment laws (federal & state) and ERISA employee notices.

Create, store and update required SPDs and 125 Premium Only Plans (POP) in our document center.

      • Affordable Care Act Requirements
        Obtain step by step instructions on PPACA changes, due dates and employer actions.
      • Employment Law Updates & Reminders
        Stay informed of federal and state employment law changes, due date reminders and needed employer actions.
      • Employee Notifications
        Generate customized all-in-one annual employee notices such as Medicare Part D, CHIP, WHCRA, HIPAA, Initial COBRA, Health Exchange, etc.
      • HR Solutions
        Forms, Templates, Tools, Legal Library and Supervisor Guidance needed to run your human resources department and comply with employment laws.
      • Health Exchange Notice – Our Web-based system automatically creates and emails this notice for distribution.
      • HR Bulletins, Forms, & Library
        Receive state-of-the-art HR, benefit, and compliance techniques from our monthly bulletin.
        Access legally required forms and past bulletins and legal updates.
      • HIPAA Kit: Receive HIPAA policies, compliance checklist, requirements training, forms and documents to be HIPAA compliant.

SPD Wrap and/or 125 Premium Only Service (POP)

Create store and edit SPD Wraps and/or 125 POPs in our web-based document center.
Documents are updated automatically with required ERISA changes.
Clients and their insurance broker can access the SPD Wrap and/or 125 POP documents.

Compliance Basics

Service includes ability to run a Summary of Material Modification (SMM) as needed to communicate benefit changes.

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