Compliance Basics Plus+


Keep Your Business compliant with Compliance Basics Plus+

Organizations must be aware of the laws and regulations governing employees, benefits and employment decisions in order to avoid costly penalties and maintain a positive reputation. Human resources management must comply with relevant legislation, applicable to the location of the industry where they operate. This includes federal and state laws that relate to various aspects of HR.

It takes a lot of time and effort, but compliance is essential for your company to stay operational — to remain profitable.

Our Compliance Basics Plus service will help with your HR compliance. From employment law updates and health care reform reminders delivered via email to solutions you can access on the web, we make labor and employment law compliance easy and efficient.

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Keep current with

ACA, employment laws (federal & state) and ERISA employee notices.

Create, store and update required SPDs and 125 Premium Only Plans (POP) in our document center.

  • Compliance Assessment & Dashboard
    The compliance assessment and dashboard feature helps employers determine an overall risk assessment and supplies a list of missing compliance items. The reminder system and dashboard will help to make certain nothing falls through the cracks.
  • Employment Law Updates & Reminders
    Stay informed of federal and state employment law changes, due date reminders and needed employer actions.
  • Employee Notifications
    Generate customized all-in-one annual employee notices such as Medicare Part D, CHIP, WHCRA, HIPAA, Initial COBRA, Health Exchange, etc.
  • HR Solutions
    Access the Forms, Templates, Tools, Legal Library and Supervisor Guidance needed to run your human resources department and comply with employment laws.
  • Health Exchange Notice – Our Web-based system automatically creates and emails this notice for distribution.
  • HR Bulletins, Forms, & Library
    Receive state-of-the-art HR, benefit and compliance techniques from our monthly bulletin.
    Access legally required forms, past bulletins and legal updates.
  • HIPAA Kit: Receive HIPAA policies, compliance checklist, requirements training, forms and documents to be HIPAA compliant.
  • Affordable Care Act Requirements
    Obtain step-by-step instructions on ACA changes, due dates and employer actions.

SPD Wrap and/or 125 Premium Only Service (POP)

Create, store and edit SPD Wraps and/or 125 POPs in our web-based document center.

Documents are updated automatically with required ERISA changes.

Clients and their insurance broker can access the SPD Wrap and/or 125 POP documents.

Compliance Basics

Service includes the ability to run a Summary of Material Modification (SMM), as needed, to communicate benefit changes.

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