Benefits Compliance Risk Assessment Software Tool

Benefits Compliance Risk Assessment Software Tool

Interested in Winning New Business and Separating Yourself from Competitors?

We offer a benefits compliance risk assessment tool that allows you to personally brand your report and get an immediate analysis of clients’ risk for an audit. Now, you have a reason to schedule a follow-up meeting with your client to review their results. This tool is proven to work for getting your foot back in the door! Best of all, it’s free of charge to all Benefits Brokers.

HR compliance is a key factor in the successful functioning of any organization. This is because it ensures that workplace policies and regulations are adhered to and respected. The HR department is responsible for ensuring that all the employees are aware of their rights and duties in relation to their work. The HR department also helps with recruitment, selection, training, performance reviews, onboarding, promotion and terminations. It is important for HR professionals to be familiar with the laws and regulations that govern employment relations in order to ensure compliance with these laws. This is where the Benefits Compliance Risk Assessment comes in handy for all brokers.

How the Benefits Compliance Risk Assessment Tool Works

The tool allows you to email or insert a link for prospects where they answer benefit compliance assessment questions.  Upon evaluation, the system assigns a risk score and provides needed actions for the client to be in compliance within minutes. You can directly email the report or carry it into your next face-to-face meeting.

The Benefits Compliance Risk Assessment Tool is Personally customized for your brand

Your logo and personal contact information will be included so you have a personalized report. Now you have an opportunity to schedule a meeting with your prospect or client to review the professional report and provide immediate solutions.

benefit risk assessment tool

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  • You have your dedicated account manager who has complete authority to make any updates and or changes. No more waiting for answers. Simple Solutions.

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  • We do the work for our Brokers and make you look good. Plain and simple. White Label Brochures are also available for your clients.

Win New Business

  • With our benefits Compliance Risk Assessment Software Tool. Free of Charge to all Brokers.

State of the Art Technology

  • Our technology systems are available and work as they should. We do everything in our power to ensure you do not hear complaints from your clients. No more hearing complaints about their cards not working, or systems that are unavailable.

We Make You Look Good

  • No more worries about what your clients may think about your third-party administrator. We have over 17 years of experience and you won’t hear complaints. We take care of your clients that they are part of our family

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