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ACA Reporting Solutions

Our ACA reporting solutions provide you with everything you need to complete your 1095/1094 documents.

Starting at $350  for companies with 25 or fewer employees

Starting at $1600  for companies with 50 or more employees

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“HR Service has been a key partner for us in delivering compliance resources and support to our employee benefit clients across the US. As a broker for many years, we’ve worked with countless vendors and attorneys on compliance issues, specifically the ACA, and our experience with HR Service has been far and away the best service we’ve had in the health and welfare arena. Their detailed responses, willingness to talk through tough issues with our clients and flexibility with responding to our needs blows away the competition and not to mention their competitive pricing and ease of access to their platform and support team. They make our firm more profitable by leveraging their tools and allowing us to deliver better service, all while freeing us up to focus on sales and other opportunities. Specifically, we’ve had the best service team that has become our go-to for all of our ACA reporting and compliance needs. I can’t express enough how enjoyable they are to work with and how grateful we are that we’ve been able to work together and will continue to do so.”

Tiffany Finnegan – Director
Full Spectrum Benefits