Choosing Your State of Mind

Choosing Your State of Mind – Living in Cause As a leader, you set the tone for the work environment and impact attitudes of those with whom you interact. Your personal attitude and the way you interact with others greatly influences the lives of those around you, especially employees and customers. Your mind-set further impacts

Employee Documentation- What, When, & How?

Let’s face it, we all agree maintaining proper employee files and documentation is important, but no one likes to do it, resulting in a haphazard job, if it is done at all. In this month’s “HR Solutions,” we cover not only why good documentation is important, but help you understand what,  when, and how to

Effective Performance Appraisals Part 3

Appraisal preparation – When you are getting ready to complete appraisal do the following: Review prior feedback, notes and documentation Review the prior appraisal. Review previously set goals/desired behaviors. Review the entire time period, not just the last couple months. Clearly understand the appraisal/assessment tool and follow training and instructions. Ask employees to do a

Effective Performance Appraisals Part 2

Appraisal Complaints Common complaints about performance appraisals are that they take too much time, are not consistently applied, do not drive desired results, or don’t add sufficient value. The following guidelines will help improve the performance appraisal process and eliminate bad appraisal habits: Clearly defined expectations (set at the beginning of the appraisal period) There


When used correctly, the performance appraisal process is a useful technique to hold employees accountable for desired results, and aligning them with business strategy.  It also provides a dialog to facilitate career development, training assessment and performance improvement planning.  Good performance appraisals result in the following outcomes: Commonly understood job performance results and future expectations

Employment Compliance Checkup

Organizations pay out millions of dollars each year in employee lawsuits, attorney fees, and fines for employment law violations. There are multiple DOL postings showing payouts of over $1 Million in back wages and damages for various violations found at: The Department of Labor, EEOC, OSHA, IRS, OFCCP, EPA, ICE and other enforcement agencies