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IRS tax laws require a 125 Premium Only Plan (POP) or a Flexible Spending Account (FSA) in order to pay medical, dental and other eligible insurance premiums on a pretax basis. HR Service Inc. offers 125 Premium Only Plans (POP), the most basic type of Section 125 plan that allows you and your employees to pay fewer taxes.

What is Premium Only Plans (POP)?

Also called cafeteria 125 plans, POP is an employee benefit that allows employees to pay for their portion of insurance premiums with pre-tax dollars saving on federal, state and Social Security taxes. The plan allows pre-tax offerings on the following benefits: health, dental, accidental death and dismemberment, and even voluntary benefits such as cancer, accident and other benefits.

Not only do employees keep more money in their pockets with POP—you as the employer also saves money by lowering your taxes paid towards employee’s Social Security match.

The Convenience of HR Service Inc. POP Solutions

With our Premium Only Plan, you can easily create your plan documents and summary plan description using our web-based tool and easily make any needed updates. We also keep your document current when there are changes in the IRS requirements. We provide everything you need for a formal plan document, which takes only a few minutes to create. We further provide a tool to complete year-end non-discrimination testing that is required each year.

Our staff is ready to assist you with anything. If you have any questions about how a Section 125 plan will benefit you and your employees, or what you need to submit, please contact us.

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